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Lost over 150 pounds in a little less than a year and a half. Still got a lot of work to do, but it’s a start.

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  1. Dude literally says "I like Hitler" and you assume that the swastika inclusive symbol he posts is connected to Hindu symbols. Fucking riiiiiiiiiight......

  2. People complain about the priority system in this game so much when they really should be learning how hit boxes of moves work so they don't look like complaining doofuses.

  3. Wow, complaining about people complaining. Way to look like a complaining doofus.

  4. At least I don't look like a moron who missed a hit box and complained about something else with video evidence lmao

  5. I want to believe that at some point everyone involved with Brawl Out took a deep breath, admitted that things got out of hand, and figured out that they could make some serious money with a feud down the road. Wishful thinking.

  6. That mid season update in Season 1 was the biggest gaming fuck up I've seen in awhile. They took the one mechanic that a lot of people were having fun with and which countered the lame ass shield and wait for your opponent to do something meta. That update was so fucking stupid. But hey, at least the cry baby fight genre players were happy, you know, the 5% who are still playing the game lmao!!! Fighting genre players kept getting owned by it and couldn't do it themselves so they removed it. The most priceless part was while removing it they called it generate and told players to adapt LMAO!!! Bye bye playerbase. Oh well, enjoy Weaponverse.

  7. When weird, angry people have conversations with themselves on reddit...

  8. Could be an unintelligent, uneducated moron too.

  9. I enjoyed the training for my ultra marathon the most out of my Ironman and Ultras. I was most proud of the work I did during my Ironman training and I think I disliked the Ultra Bike training the most. But I will also do more ultra bikes and runs but never do another IM lmao.

  10. The ultra bike event itself was hell, but I am most proud of finishing that. Ironman was a walk in the park after the hell I went through on the bike. I agree with you though. I am most proud of the Ironman training because it was just so relentless and so many days I just didn't want to swim and did it anyways.

  11. During my peak IM training, it was like working another full time job. You have to full on obsess about getting it all balanced. It's all consuming. I won't miss that hahaha

  12. For my balancing of lifting while in Tri training season (I do Half IMs and other similar distance stuff), I do a 10 day rotation of 3 off days, 5 cardio days and 2 lifting days. Some of my cardio says are spent on speed work. I usually can Maintain strength through it but I definitely can't recover fast enough to put on serious lifting gains.

  13. I am usually against doxxing people. But I would pay a handsome sum for this Fuck Head Dad's info.

  14. The most devastating move in sports entertainment

  15. Clips on this sub are getting more and more mid. What a terrible time to be alive.

  16. Just reflecting the vibe of the commenter. Trying to really nail the bitter and asshole parts.

  17. This is some diabolical Bond villain shit. Probably juuuuuuuuust a bit overboard.

  18. Thanks! That’s lightning fast! When you bought yours did they mention any possibility of delayed shipping?

  19. I did not receive any warning about that outside of the "This had to go through customs. There is unpredictability there." message. Mine made it through customs in a day though.

  20. That’s pretty solid. Which pen do you use? And how’s your experience been thus far?

  21. I have a standard pen and it does the trick but I love my A6x. It was my way to detox some of the extra distractions when it came to organizing my life and it has done a beautiful job so far. The writing experience is very very pleasant.

  22. As outlandish as that is.....I now very much want this. Just to see what happens.

  23. Yeah, let's Sports Entertainment this motherfucker.

  24. Give me super cheesy, over the top shit and I am in if they lean into it. Lesner vs Rock. A lot of the Roman Brock stuff. Give me a good straight to VHS wrestling experience.

  25. God damnit its 2022!!! Caught me napping....

  26. Golden rule. Treat others as you want to be treated.

  27. Question: If I wanted to do the same diet Jericho did, what would I look for? "Options" - the people he used - is only available in certain states...

  28. My partner used to work for then and her very good friend is a higher up in the company. They are mainly Chicago based as they expand in Florida/Arizona but they aren't doing anything magical. It's a combo of scientific info (via blood testing and scales that give a lot more information than just weight, it is mentioned in the article) and nutrition work to meet people's needs. There are a number of places that offer that sort of work. Often the key to success is finding a coach/nutritionist that pairs well with your lifestyles and helps you make positive, sustainable changes.

  29. Easiest I have been convinced to do something since I flipped off a moron with a 'Trump JFK Jr 24' bumper sticker a couple weeks ago

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