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  1. Usually for speeches though, the opposition can clap for certain things, like when he said he hated the Leafs.

  2. Unless you are a fan of the leafs how could you hate them? They are a never ending source of comedy.

  3. I'm skeptical about calling Sebastion Coe, Lord Coe. He was a good runner but I'm not calling him Lord. I preferred Ovett anyway.

  4. These people are ignorant swine. Michelangelo was not only a great artist but also the coolest teenage ninja mutant turtle. He must be spinning in his shell.

  5. No I wouldn't think it would make you more creative, but you're also not writing American Psycho without abusing the Bolivian marching powder at some point in your life.

  6. And I thought lebrons digital bowflex was stupid. This makes lebrons workout device look like a golds gym.

  7. The whole point of it being a 'theory' is that you don't have proof. Otherwise it'd just be a criminal conspiracy.

  8. Rage Against the Machine also had band members that could play musical instruments well, which is totally unfair. I've never heard one punk band stooping to these desperate measures.

  9. Punk was mostly invented by Malcolm McLaren to sell his clothes. He designed outfits for the New York Dolls. He put the Sex Pistols together himself. It's always been commercial. You've been fooled.

  10. One of the guys from the sex pistols was on butter commercials not that long ago.

  11. That's blatant propaganda. Everyone knows Tuckers face coach is a pitbull puppy.

  12. If I recall properly, back in the Obama era during the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge takeover something like half of those guys at the refuge ended up being FBI informants. The FBI is comically good at infiltrating these organizations, to the point that you raise an eye brow and wonder who is actually in charge. Of course they are all responsible for their own actions.

  13. I heard Boomhauer was actually an undercover FBI agent sent to keep tabs on domestic terrorist Dale Gribble.

  14. Total bullshit. The club's force Russian players to wear uniforms honoring the US military but it's lgbt jerseys that put them in jeopardy? The blackhawks are like the Catholic church, they support a rapist assistant coach but not the lgbt community.

  15. The Bernie Kosar show? That must be a rough one to listen to. Does Bernie still slur his speech?

  16. I have nothing against it, and don’t have a problem partaking either. But isn’t alcohol so much worse than any of these “bad” ingredients.

  17. No the dyes have toxic chemicals unfit for human consumption. Alcohol is just fruits or grains fermented with yeast, its not the same at all. When did people get so scared of liquid bread?

  18. He was a great Safety for the Baltimore Ravens. Stop baiting.

  19. He also wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Which is one of the greatest books ever written by an American author.

  20. If he wants to prove it he could easily cut his dick off and then pray for a new one.

  21. The character Jesus was a God so it didn't suffer at all. Pretty insane comparison though.

  22. When you think a supernatural patron hates the same people you do...

  23. "I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires".

  24. LaVar is awesome. He is able to make a radio show with Brady Quinn tolerable, that's a Herculean task.

  25. They demand fitted maga hats be given away at all Yankees games.

  26. Stormy should tweet that while Trump may call her "horse face," nobody would ever call him "horse dick."

  27. Pretty big difference between Ukraine and Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath party led Iraq. I don't remember Zelensky gassing Kurds.

  28. I thought there is no such thing as a battle or military style rifle. Those damn liberal woke pigs always attacking the poor innocent guns.

  29. Apparently no such thing ever happened but many people remember seeing him delivering checks to people's doors on TV.

  30. Ed McMahon himself? That never happened. My man Ed was way to hammered at all times to be doing things like walking and knocking on doors.

  31. I used to think the Berenstain bears was the Bernstein bears originally, until I realized I read those books to myself as a kid and just couldn't pronounce the name Berenstain.

  32. 1956 draft Packers drafted Forrest Greg and Bart Starr. The next year 1957 the Browns drafted Jim Brown and Gene Hickerson. 1958 draft saw the Packers pick up 3 more HOFers Jim Taylor, Ray Nitskhe and Jerry Kramer.

  33. I used to like the Ghostbusters when I was younger, I had the house, the car, slimer and proton packs. While I don't have any desire to bust ghosts these days I will admit I ain't afraid of no ghosts.

  34. I had the same question. “Always” is an absolute. Only the sith deal in absolutes.

  35. Only the sith deal in absolutes is an absolute you sith.

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