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  1. My last Winmau board had a tiny of that but I wore the double bull out before that part got real bad it might have come like that tbh idk 🤷‍♂️

  2. I usually warmup at home and then I try to warm up at the location for around half an hour. Maybe try to sneak in some darts between games or when a board is free, because at larger events you dont have enough practise boards for the amount of players. Kinda bad for me, because I need a lot of throws to get comfy (around 100 to get a touch for triples)

  3. Yeah I was always wondering how you get practice before an event other than at home but that doesn’t do me to well cause I’d be cold by the time I’d get there

  4. I like a minimum 1 hour of warmup before any serious play. At a large tournament or for a single event I will casually start getting warmed up 3 hours before. Usually that’s an hour of T20s, Bulls or some other targets here and there. Often that’s not a solid time at the board with a lot of breaks, socializing, and getting myself ready. Then a more intense hour of practice games that’s pretty solid throwing most of the time. This could be by myself or with another player. Games like round the world, bobs 27, 121 and then some 501. The last hour is just staying fresh and working on things that seemed a little off in the initial warmups. Again maybe some 121 or other practice games with a partner. I like a lot of warm up time.

  5. Yeah I thought I was the only one that needs. Good warmup I throw until I’m dropping bomba over Bagdad

  6. I want to try shorties with little flights but other than that I use normal shit but if I switched it would mess me up I would think at least for awhile. I throw very smooth bot really slow not really fast balls either 🤷‍♂️ what’s the prognosis from experts? I read it once but forgot small flights for slower throwers? I’d imagine shorter shafts would switch the darts balance but hell it might make it tighter …..🤣🤣🤣 what we talking about again? Lol Jk yeah keep me posted on those and happy tossing

  7. From my experience so far, these shorties move through the air a lot faster. They might help, I just thought I’d try out all shapes and sizes

  8. My wife has had 14 children and her shit doesn't look this beat

  9. The other day someone posted a cool board cabinet that had an iPad underneath the dart board, and there was some light ribbing and funny comments about it. When I saw this post, I legit thought it was supposed to be a “I see your iPad and raise you…” kind of post haha.

  10. As long as it’s just you playing I would t hit it there but my friends would

  11. Well done, you can make this thing sailing like a paper plane, If you die it right and your throw Looks effortless and unforced.

  12. Yeah my throw is smooth like a bowling ball lol nah when I mess up it’s because I push a little or just don’t take my time but yeah they say only learn one way to throw well I throw the same way but have different gripping points and at times you might need it to drop like a 12-6 curve ball so it can bypass your other darts to hit the money but it’s a lot to do trial and error on screwed me up for a bit but it was worth it that and I changed my grip to finger thumb and guiding finger aside dart tio

  13. The most common point for pushing the darts is the wrong timing of the elbow lift. The body immediately tries to correct the mistake itself and therefore pushes the shoulder forward. I think you know how that feels 😉?

  14. Yeah I feel it’s almost like golf where you have to keep your elbow down. I think yeah you’re right and the more I play slowly but surely I get stronger so have to adjust throwing strength every once in awhile but I I usually miss high but left or right every once in awhile. Talking about doubling in and out At times I can throw high. Good stuff man

  15. Those barrels are big enough to age whiskey in lol I’m used to holding a skinny shaft 🤣 nah that’s all you need at first. They gonna take a beating better it not be on $75 darts 🤷‍♂️ enjoy this is a great game

  16. Some old dudes that play at my place would fall all over they do here and it doesn’t have that board running to board 🤣 they would be dead

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  18. I do have them that way I feel they cut through air better and present less target from incoming darts it’s a mental thing believe lol

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