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  1. As another 3th language user, that's a fair translation.

  2. Yeah, I should probably shave it. She said something on the lines of "it's the only thing that keeps you from being considered ugly"

  3. Ok, she’s an idiot then. Your def not ugly, but the stache makes you look like you don’t know how to shave or you’re trying too hard to make yourself look older. (Which honestly goes for every guy in high school with facial hair, it’s not just you)

  4. Dude your better looking then me you look like a literal celebrity but most shy guys look ass like me thank god I never put a picture of myself

  5. Hell naw bro, one of my eyes is literally more closed than the other (left eye if you were wondering), no friends and depression keeps returning, then leaving just to lurk at me behind a corner.

  6. Been with android for all of my years, I want to try the other side at least once, but my parents are in debt and I don't have a job...

  7. i’m down to listen to anything you wanna talk about. please don’t hurt yourself you’re too precious

  8. I'd be better off talking about it in DMs, I don't want any people I know to find out without me knowing.

  9. if you wanna dm me about it you absolutely can

  10. Do you go down with the swirl? I call 0 the reverse swirly.

  11. Imma assume the Mafia made you sleep with the fish here

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