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  1. Scientists need to get busy. We need 'em all!!!

  2. Just a poo pathetic 2 year old babbling that doesn't understand what he's saying

  3. Anyone investing in the early metaverse, hoping for an ROI

  4. If you want help getting in the mood, watch the movie Amelie (in French with subs if required.) A GREAT movie, with one of the best in film revenge-prank / sabotages scenes going.

  5. I don’t actually think it’s that confusing? I did read the book years ago, but really you just need to pay attention.

  6. I disliked it, it ignores cause and effect. Acting was good though

  7. Member those educational assistants that are on strike to earn more than 35,000$ a year? Guess what a year of private health insurance costs in the states? 10,000$..... they'll be making 25,000$ a year in dofo's America 2.0

  8. Huh? That’s not remotely close to the present proposals that have been shown to be effective in places like Portugal. The gist is basically this:

  9. Thank you for taking the time to write this well stated argument.

  10. Your link has nothing to do with the topic. It is polemic that does not outline various advocacy groups' positions at all. I don't live in Vancouver or BC, so the BCCLA's tirades about David Eby are completely irrelevant to me. Perhaps you should read both your evidence and the room before contributing.

  11. He's got the right parents and connections, doesn't matter if he can do the job. Frankly, he's useless ,kick him upstairs, I'm common born, will never need to see him up there.

  12. Bang on comments. Everyone forgets how corrupt the Liberals were in the McGuinty/ Wynn’s days. Ford didn’t get voted in so much as Wynn got voted out. Del Duca was so bland that I had to look up who was the Liberal candidate up to the election. I’d been a Liberal my whole life until late in McGuinty years in leadership. Sad state of affairs where we vote for who we think will fuck up the job the least when we vote.

  13. I was so happy when I cast my first ballot for McGuinty's first term. I'm no longer lib. I was green, but now, I'm a frustrated strategic voter that won't gain from either party

  14. Why is the map showing Ukraine as part of Russia? Because of Putin's extremely legit referendum?

  15. I was wondering when this was going to pop up. I only knew of them sending this to CHCs (who are already are usually open extended hours) but it looks like they sent out the same form letter and switched the organization names.

  16. He knows full well what he's doing. He has friends with secured funding in the sidelines. Like his donor that bought useless environmentally protected land for 80 million a month before he passed the bill opening up the Greenbelt fo development. He is just a thief in a suit.

  17. How the fuck is a bank anti woke?

  18. The knife was so dull, she had to use the tip to pierce the onion skin......

  19. Piss them off enough and he might get them to quit, then he can have a post retirement job on the board f private healthcare boards as well as being on the boards of construction companies. Good for him, ensuring a profitable future for himself..... if for no-one else......

  20. Didn't we just have the warmest day in November since records were kept? The disparity in the weather is getting pretty crazy

  21. I grew up in a church that believed in "speaking in tongues" I believe it was called. There might be an aspect of pretending for some but I can also attest to it being "real" too.

  22. I'm in Ontario and could get to the 2024. How do people find where to go for 100% ? Might be a good family trip

  23. Here is a good interactive map. It will show you the duration of totality anywhere in the path.

  24. I am in Oxford County and I would be gobsmacked if any tradesman would have the same opinion as you.

  25. Same here, I live an isolated existence on site, lol.

  26. If you can get to the states, apparently there’s no shortage there. Our shoppers in Alberta gets a shipment every Tuesday and Thursday. We had a pilot who was working in the stars pick up two bottles for us

  27. It's not a shortage of materials, it's bad management

  28. "Hey boss? Yeah, this lintel is FUCKED! I've cut it three times, and it's STILL too short!"

  29. Had them everywhere in Canada, back in the day, for cutting milk bags. This tech is at last from the 80's

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