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  1. “What about all those lovely messages, sayings that the podcasts helped them get through a really tough time?”

  2. Whilst the semester is going I’ll try to make an learn anki cards at the same time. I’ll learn about new cards 35 a day per module (or case depending on how your uni calls topics). I find that this got me through each semester quite comfortably - my cards do have quite a bit of info on them though.

  3. This is really useful, thank you! It sounds like anki is more popular than Quizlet. Is there a reason for the preference?

  4. Anki is just more streamlined. Less clutter and more cards. Plus it being a separate desktop app and phone app just mean I can separate it from my web browser usage.

  5. Another day, another tourist giving their unthought-out opinion on UK reddit…

  6. Are these all bot comments/13 year olds or can no one on this sub tell a photoshop?

  7. Man woman man, man woman TV prgramme, TV programme…

  8. It’s a bit of a two way street isn’t it? If lots of British tourists visit Town A, then business owners are likely to open businesses that accommodate to these tourists. The businesses didn’t come first (by and large).

  9. Not bothered about them really…doesn’t affect me or Suzanne’s birthday…

  10. Would you say Ryan Gosling’s a good looking fella Karl?

  11. I dunno. I suppose so. But my opinion on it is irrelevant.

  12. I can't name a single tv show off the top of my head from the UK. TV from the US is global tv

  13. Genuinely can’t tell if you’re joking or not lol. You’ve never heard of The Office? Or Who Wants to be A Millionaire? Or Americas Got Talent/American Idol/X Factor?

  14. I'm not here to argue with you "blokes" I don't live in the UK I don't know what you watch. I've heard of The Office (US) and those other ones sound American to me

  15. Yeah they’re all remakes of British shows Jerry. I know we don’t have as good comedy classics compared to what you wrote for Seinfeld such as…”you get no more soup” or whatever it was! Nice to see you defending your show Jerry!

  16. Wow, this picture really highlights the obvious work Steve’s had done on his hair when you compare it to how it looks in Extras. Other than that he’s kept his looks.

  17. Learning from mistakes? On the Internet? WE CANT HAVE THAT! You will be judged forever by your first transgressions and fuck ups,no redemption to be had here

  18. You’re almost there but you’ve forgot one cardinal sin that makes redemption impossible for Victoria Beckham as far as reddit is concerned - she’s a woman.

  19. But Ozzy Osbourne wasn't making his money off drugs, whereas Victoria Beckham did make her money selling that image and making other women think that's what they should look like. She doesn't want her daughter subjected to the same image standards she used to make money, that's hypocrisy.

  20. So either she is a hypocrite and limits social media exposure or she turns her family into the Kardashians which people would also hate? There’s no winning! She’s a model and a clothes designer, but I don’t remember her ever saying “you should have a body like me”? This thread started out with talking about DB, but in typical reddit style it turns into an attack on a woman and her daughter.

  21. Unpopular opinion but love island, mrs browns boys, reality TV, and love island (and soap operas) + football should are all rubbish and should be ended now!! I know this is unpopular so fully expecting backlash!!!

  22. Taking the piss lad. These questions are asked every 2-3 days and the answers are the same typically reddit answers every time.

  23. Have my upvote. This is indeed interesting correlation! Worth keeping an eye whether it's gonna be a single article or there's more to come.

  24. There’s a new “my doctor did XYZ” story being printed every day just as the strike action is picking up real steam - really makes you wonder…

  25. Young and Innocent Days by The Kinks is up there for me.

  26. Why don’t you type in the search bar? This question has been asked about 65 times a minute since mid-June and the same comments appear pretty much every time.

  27. So let me get this straight, either people in the UK are all drunk football yobs who are part of a “drinking culture” or we’re all in bed by 9pm😂 can’t keep up

  28. All those scenes where uni/college students try to buy alcohol or the police break up their parties

  29. Police broke up plenty of party’s during covid - remember they barricaded Manchester Uni students in their accommodations!!

  30. Sit down Karl…I need to tell you about that “manc”…

  31. Why volunteer? I work as an HCA in various settings when I’m back at home. Get to see a broad range of conditions + things that I’m really interested in plus I’m getting paid for the pleasure.

  32. It’s cos Idk if I want to commit. I was thinking about doing it for only like 2 weeks, going in at like 11am ish and then leaving when I want to. Chill with no stress/commitments I guess. With a job it’s like u have to be there at a certain time and leave at a certain time etc Thank you for your suggestion tho!💕

  33. I don’t think you’d really being seeing much if you just came in for a couple of hours aimlessly (this isn’t meant to sound harsh). I don’t think you’ll really get anything as flexible as you described at a hospital that also gives you any tangible insight into conditions.

  34. Said this over 2 years ago that Karen is just a misogynistic code word for “woman who won’t just shut up”. It’s an excuse to berate women who dare to ask a question.

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