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  1. I've still not had preallocated annual leave. Sounds like BS to me.

  2. Anaesthetics + ICU. ICU after 1 year then Anaesthetics after the second.

  3. What do you recommend to get into anaesthetic training there ? I am current f2.

  4. Nice comments. As I said before I don't give damn what they think

  5. I think for the per unit of time and effort (ie work life balance with minimum stress), derm has the most dollar?

  6. I think psychiatry plus aneasthetics comes close as well

  7. I'm a recent consultant, did higher training in Ireland and was working in NHS before that.

  8. But are you getting paid for those extra hours ? Isn't pay advertised for 37hours base and any extra hours you do are overtime and paid accordingly ?

  9. Current contract caps consultant overtime/on call at 30k a year.

  10. I’ve heard it said before but I think it’s bullshit. You’ve got a weird cunt of a consultant. It’s your heritage and if he thinks it’s rude or weird he can go and learn Gaelic.

  11. Why are they working in here if they struggling to discuss complex cases in English. That is ridiculous example. Doesn't matter how good is your clinical knowledge, you language proficiency is equally important.

  12. Please please please tell me someone else reading this comment is beaming at the sweet sweet irony

  13. Put a link to this sub there so people can post what they want here.

  14. Read his response to me carefully. OP edited things because of my comment

  15. 60-80. It varies Overnight home call at my current post. Most places have a junior registrar doing the night shift

  16. I think pay difference between junior reg and senior reg is quite small right ?

  17. Radiology can easily make 500k straight out of training

  18. I thought you were referring to psychiatry in the original comment.

  19. I remember, it all started from in my controversial thread about ttos being lowest priority.

  20. The irony when you get down voted for this for some reason 🤣

  21. This is something I heard about a few years ago. I didn’t know it had come from a book but it was essentially the same thing - one consultant supervising a cohort of PA/NP/ACPs.

  22. because morons think medicine/surgery is easy. Just cuts things out how hard can it be. You can see what kind of idiotic ideas coming from our health secretaries. Other people think that medicine is simple when they need to pay us, but when they actually get ill and shit hits the fan then they will realise and ran for doctors.

  23. If you don't train juniors properly by taking away opportunities from them and give them to other people how can you expect them to treat complex cases when they become consultants?

  24. because Oz is a federal commonwealth pay /income varies considerably. also who employs u where is important. also salaries / income by negotiating.

  25. Hi, thank you for your response. What subspecialty is in most demand ?

  26. Where did you hear that, if you don't mind me asking - I've been wondering about it. If people are only compared within specialties then what about those making multiple applications - do they get multiple different scores then? Or maybe it's just one overall MSRA score with different rankings.

  27. Nah they use different cut offs. Just think of ukcat

  28. Haha I am sure there are enough fit guys outside your work.

  29. I had that issue and straight up told them if they want Me to do a tto before I see all patients they can come and help do the ward round.

  30. You have to sprinkle crushed down votes in the shape of a pentagram at exactly midnight on a blood moon whilst chanting the summoning spell, in Latin, of course.

  31. Lol yeah I remember him, he bloody hated ortho , didn't he

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