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  1. Deep down I felt like something would happen and get away until Voldemort actually cast Avada Kedavra and I was like, oh damn.

  2. επειδη προφανως ρωτας κατι του τυπου "τι να κανω για να τα ξυσω περισσοτερο" χωρις να σκεφτεσαι τους αλλους, μια σοβαρη απαντηση θα ηταν:

  3. Επειδή θα δουλεύει από το σπίτι δεν σημαίνει ότι θα ξύνεται. Στο UK έχει διαδοθεί πολύ το remote working μετά το covid. Ενημερωσου και λιγο πριν το παίξεις έξυπνος.

  4. The holy Trinity Or Triumvirate of chapters: Prince’s Tale, The Forest Again, King’s Cross. You included plot from The Flaw in the Plan and that’s a fine chapter. It’s a fitting conclusion to an epic story that the fate of the wizarding world was decided when two boys had a wrestling matchup over a wand. Just like the Elder Wand before it, these chapters have memorable moments and are crucial to the conclusion of the story. However, they’ll never be part of the Holy Trinity of Harry. The Triumvirate. These 3 chapters are the story in miniature. Sacrifice, love, family, guilt, shame, remorse, forgiveness, understanding, the ability to change who we are as we grow older and thus grow wiser by making the correct choices when they’re presented with us and doing what is right instead of what is easy and finally a type of catharsis.

  5. Well said. I think that's where JKR showed her true potential. Her writing in The Forest Again is just so powerful that makes me emotional everytime I read it.

  6. Kids will do that to you I’ve seen a girl I knew go from drop dead gorgeous to looking like she hasn’t slept for 3 years and has relied on reheated coffee

  7. Sounds like moms have that in common with PhD students

  8. What I got out of a recent reread is that she was very imaginative and had fun writing it, which is a somewhat intangible quality in any work that nonetheless seems to show through. If the people making it didn't have fun, you can tell.

  9. Yeah and she was clearly writing it from her heart. I could tell she loved writing the story.

  10. It's just unfortunate that that heart belongs to an icy, sarcastic bitch...

  11. Why do I feel like this is probably how Ron would speak if it wasn't a children's book

  12. Agreed. For me, Azkaban is frighteningly unfair, primitive and cruel. And, if you take Pottermore into consideration, Azkaban's backstory makes it even a more hellish place. There was a deranged dark wizard called Ekrizdis who lured, tortured, and killed Muggle sailors. And he embedded the very walls with maddening evil. I wonder if there are other British wizarding prisons that aren't mentioned because otherwise it's not a sign of a fair and advanced society to have all types of prisoners sent to such an awful place.

  13. Likely no other prisons/jails since, in Book 2, Hagrid is sent to Azkaban to await resolution of the Chamber of Secrets matter.

  14. True. The Ministry should have a detention place for such cases.

  15. It was when I realised how young Harry's parents were when they died (21). It makes it more tragic that they were so young. Also Sirius getting imprisoned at 21 too, wasting the best years of his life in a living hell, only to be locked up again in a house and killed soon after.

  16. Not-so-fun fact: Sirius' birthday is November 3rd, meaning the Potters got murdered, one of his best friends turned out to be a traitor, and he went to Azkaban all around his 22nd birthday.

  17. Omg I swear every single detail about Sirius is sad. Even his mirror broken in Harry's trunk, Harry losing the Firebolt, his personal objects getting ransacked by Mundugus...

  18. I've seen many women here complaining about harassment in Egypt. Never been there myself but personally I wouldn't go alone to that country.

  19. I absolutely HATE how long I laughed at this!! I heard this entire image in my head. OOOOOOooooOooooOoo

  20. 😂😂😂 it's definitely an image you can hear!

  21. Happy people are too busy living a good life. Even online, you'll see more people coming to complain about something instead of writing a post about how wonderful everything in their life is.

  22. Use a notebook and write down your thoughts. If you prefer digital notes, OneNote is SUPER convenient as in one file you can have multiple tabs and even insert images or recordings.

  23. Essentially elf sex is so intense that most mortals can’t withstand it, you must have greatness to manage it. So essentially Arwen give Aragorn the gawk gawk ten billion which would kill anyone but the king of Gondor!

  24. Is not anyone recognizing Neville top 2nd form left?

  25. Most of the main child actors from the Harry Potter movies seem to be doing well enough, too.

  26. I wonder if it's because they were shooting in the UK instead of Hollywood. The UK film industry and the people working in it seem to be more down to earth and normal.

  27. Personally, no. Some might have some practical advice but I find them very subjective and even wrong at times, especially those who try to pass life wisdom. Many of the authors don't qualify to be affecting people's lives as they do. I've found more help from poets and philosophers than those.

  28. I would pay so much money for them to recreate the spider monkey scene

  29. This is how it would be if Harry was a Slytherin xD

  30. Goodreads. Allows you to create "shelves" as well, basically different lists.

  31. Been doing a HP marathon with my mom and we just watched this last night. I forgot just how dark and depressing #7 is. Were the books the same? It's been over a decade since I've read them

  32. I've reread them recently after 17 years. They're far worse. I had forgotten how dark and sad they get.

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