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  1. Maybe she’s assuming you’re very religious and didn’t want to engage further. Either way, she was a jerk.

  2. Yea fully agree she’s a jerk but I’ve also been a bit judgmental when very religious people give their kids names with religious connections (but this lady has no idea if OP is religious and Mary is a super common name regardless)

  3. Why would you be judgmental over that ? Tons of names have lots of religious meaning that most people don’t care about today like the name Sarah. And just giving them a religious name doesn’t mean they will be indoctrinated into religion by their parents.

  4. Maybe I’m just thinking of some specific situations where I’ve seen parents act like they’re getting extra heaven points if they use their kids name to display their religion. I live in an area heavily dominated by Mormons and this seems to happen a lot. I know one couple who named their daughters Haven and Faith and absolutely love being asked about it so they can talk about how they want their girls to think about their values in everything they do. I also know a few people who choose names from the Book of Mormon or from former prophets because they want to display that they’re not like other Christian’s (i.e. Moroni or Brigham)

  5. We used to do this to new couples in our family while they were on their honeymoon. Tons of fun

  6. Yeah I know an Alexis who sometimes goes by Lexis but she always spells it that way so I’m guessing Lexus is just her legal name, sadly

  7. Cats do have breeds just like dogs! But most cats are simply mutts and mixtures unless they are well bred and the genetics are kept track of

  8. I think it would help clear up confusion if we stopped using words like “mutts and mixtures” to describe cats it’s not like there were originally breeds and they all got mixed together we just didn’t create breeds by selecting for different traits (until about 100-200 years go) cats don’t have breeds the same way wolves don’t have breeds.

  9. But cats definitely do have breeds?

  10. They do but only the ones that we have been selectively breeding. Most cats are just a domestic cat because we haven’t been breeding them for certain traits. So if your cat is a certain breed you know it because you bought them from a breeder and can see their pedigree

  11. Roughly 100 all in 3 days of backpacking in Wyoming. My husband and I ate two.

  12. I think the Mormons must still be mad at Missouri otherwise they would have moved back already

  13. We get permits to cut down our own trees in the forest they don’t look perfect like a fake one or one that has been planted and groomed but the forest service regulates and rotates which areas you can harvest from to properly thin out trees. This also helps to improve the health of those remaining as well as reduce risk of wildfire.

  14. Theres a middle ground here. Yes it is ridiculous to say "don't name your kid Billy because it isn't a professional name" but at the same time it is messed up to name your child Magikarp and then blame society for your child hating their name.

  15. I agree with you but a lot of people in this sub are convinced if you name your son Jamie instead of naming him James and calling him Jamie he will have no professional career

  16. I heard a story about a small town funeral director who did all the funerals (due to being the only option) and during one of the funerals an older man started talking to the funeral director and jokingly asked “if I die here do I get a discount?” A few years later at another funeral the same man had a heart attack and died in that room. The funeral director felt it was only fair to do the services for free.

  17. I will never stop being surprised by my labs ability to just stare into space. It’s like he has an off button.

  18. Little bits wouldn't concern me much, but this is like the equivalent of a few chocolate chips in vanilla ice cream or she won't touch it. The higher the yogurt content, the more likely she will eat it - mostly yogurt and she'll eat it all. I'm thinking it may be more to do with texture because she can just lick it up, but I'm still not sure because I've turned her food into a similar texture through my neverending experimentation trying to get her to eat. Could be tooth issues.

  19. You might be able to slowly reduce amount of yogurt until it’s just a spoonful per meal

  20. Not quite the same but there was another family in my neighborhood growing up with kids who had the same names as me and my brother and the girl and I were the same age and in the same class at school and we all had the same last initial. They missed a lot of school and my brother and I were constantly being given their homework and every time my mom would have to take it to them and ask the school to verify which family it was actually for before sending things home.

  21. You might have to start with letting her out first because young puppies really can’t hold it but as she gets older and gets more used to your routine it’ll be easier.

  22. I like Capri but I don’t think it goes with Kay. I would vote for Jocelyn Kay

  23. I wouldn’t change the spelling to make it gender neutral that just makes it confusing. Maybe you’d like Eliza

  24. 9mo to a year. Everything before that might have been a little bit his personality but it was mostly stuff you’d expect any puppy to do. Mid adolescence is when I started feeling like he had his own personality.

  25. Yep I worked at a training facility for 6 years and unless dogs tried to swallow them while we never worried about it. I’ve never had a dog choke on one.

  26. In some American families, it's customary for grandparents to be addressed by whatever cute nonsense word a grandbaby comes up with when they're learning to talk.

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