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  1. In Friend, Please Tyler says "You say that spiders crawled inside and made themselves a home," and then says "Where light once was" (According to Spotify). Now for quite a while I thought he said "Where Lions once were" instead. It just made more sense in my head b/c it sticks with the animal metaphor of the line before.

  2. I like how it's basically just Trench and Vessel in a blender. It pretty much shows what we consider to be the prime of TOP

  3. Yes. She's actually said that she wants it to not be incorporated with her design as much, and she's removed the antlers from her skin as far as I know. I still like the design but I get why she doesn't really like it anymore.

  4. Maybe it’s bc (to my knowledge) only the male deer have antlers. Idk it might’ve been some other reason.

  5. Sorry for taking so long, it's SilverKnightidk#7201. apparently, that username doesn't exist.

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