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  1. No, no, no. Harry should've taught flying and overseen quidditch

  2. The thing I hate about the whole arc for Harry is be just becomes a jock who was patriotic and became a cop/military. I mean he could have still left Hogwarts and played quddtich.

  3. I always thought the imperial was just for the American localization and wondered why they changed it and left words in like chuffed. (I thought for years that it was a sound Snape made when angry)

  4. I mean, that must have been a joke, right? You can legit see his hairline when his head is shaven.

  5. I just want to know why the brother came out looking decent and he came out like he just woke up from a coma

  6. Yeah, but the bro actually combed his. Tate's beard could use some help. Or is it just curly? Can you get different head and face hair texture?

  7. It never said it was a final option to be put in Slytherin. It just acknowledged he had the makings of one, and it would help him to greatness.

  8. Yeah, but then it never shuts up about it. Like it was probably telling Neville just how well Harry would've done in Slytherin while giving him the sword

  9. Fr. I was gunna make a threaten sneako joke but remembered Nikon doesn’t make guns.

  10. You can still threaten him comfortably with it. I'd be embarrassed to be on camera if I were him

  11. I listen to the Jim Dale version at x0.5 speed to fall asleep every night. And i've been doing this probably for 15 years. SOOOO relaxing.

  12. I'd agree up until last night where I was listening to the battle of Hogwarts and just couldn't relax and suddenly my sleep paralysis demon was Sirus Black standing next to my bed and staring out the window

  13. I've seen people use their starter scrap in combination with yeast to bake other things. Or you could always use it as the base for pancakes and waffles

  14. It's not exactly a normal thing to do. (her behavior, not yours. Yours is totally normal). I would try to talk to your friend about it, anyone would do the same. If she accuses you of overreacting, I'd start to distance your relationship with her

  15. Voldemort could learn a thing or two from the Joker or Al Capone. Do whatever you want, but pay your taxes otherwise the man’ll get you

  16. Can you imagine that ending? The death eaters and Voldemort being tracked down by tax collectors? Be a bit of a weird situation for everyone involved if they popped in on the battle of Hogwarts

  17. Read multiple books for a reddit conversation? Nah. You first.

  18. Hello. Butting in 5 months late, but wasn't Nagini the last Horcrux? And she wasn't made until Voldemort killed Bertha Jorkins in book 4

  19. Honestly, I'm just impressed that the shape is so perfect despite there being nothing in there

  20. You don’t understand my argument. No one in this sub does. I got answers in a philosophy group, so I’m just going to delete this point.

  21. The other sub backed up their reasoning as well, may I ask why you find this offensive?

  22. INFO: is it just that she's hard to read or does she just not make facial expressions? Some people don't unless they force it

  23. Look like he drove over the old ones with a forklift, no way your feet made them look like that.

  24. I misread inglesa as iglesia and was wondering why Worcestershire was church sauce

  25. The breeder says she’s a parti yorkie but I’m not sure because she looks so big for 7 weeks old. Not sure if she’s a biewer terrier?

  26. Biewer terriers are very new and 4-8 lbs. Yorkies are 4-7 lbs. Per breed standard of course, individuals vary, but she looks like a yorkie to me to especially since she doesn't have any tan markings that the biewer is known for

  27. The idea of stew in a potato has just opened up so many possibilities for me

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