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  1. Pog, it would be pretty cool playing it. Imagine if my oc is a background character or a foe lol.

  2. Nice. Completely forgot about this but I don’t mind you adding me as a foe or a background character, just credit me :3

  3. Fucking furry I want to choke him I want to brutally kick his balls and I want to rip his spine out and I also want to poison him and I also also want to hang him and I also also also want to shoot a harpoon through his testicles :)

  4. I have no idea what to say to you except one thing.kill your self

  5. Might be too much for your system or it’s something with the mod.

  6. I may have a low end, but it can run mods like this, but with V4 no matter what I do it’s always bugged

  7. sometimes when i feel horny. I dream about a random character sexually turning into a furry

  8. "Fuck, why does my friend have so much furry porn in this folder called homework on his pc?"

  9. Don’t worry about it pal, people hate on furries for either no reason or because of misinformation, usually of the malicious variety. The art is good and I like it, hope to see more!

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