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Netherlands [1] - 0 USA - Memphis Depay 10'

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  1. Nah Kanye was on a slow, steady decline over the years. Zach on the other hand nosedived completely in about a month.

  2. We had all the hype for beating Iran and now we’re coming back down to reality.

  3. Yea. Zach Wilson got all the attention and blame for that game hiding how butt ugly NEs offense was.

  4. I said it right after the game ended. Because we lost and Zach was far worse, the Jets basically showed the Patriots’ incompetence with their own even bigger incompetence

  5. The interesting question is why a person of Bill Belichick's football intellect and experience pursued a Patricia/Judge led offense in the first place. Even hiring Adam Gase would have made more sense to me.

  6. We tried that already with Darnold and Gase

  7. I mean if he wanted to leave no amount of Steve’s money would have convinced him to stay.

  8. They were going to Lolmets if we beat or matched this offer. Who cares? They hate us because they’re basement dwelling weirdos

  9. Just like with the Jets and the Knicks. Our teams will always be memed.


  11. Bad timing Mets social media team really bad timing

  12. It’s the Mets, I wouldn’t have it any other way

  13. It sucks, but if he didn’t want to stay with the Mets, there was nothing we can do about it

  14. At least it isn’t as bad as the Jets never beating the Eagles

  15. Eh he’s in irrelevant land making a podcast these days

  16. Bears beating the Packers with Fields playing great and then tanking the rest of the season is the best Bears thing that could happen this year

  17. I'm surprised there aren't more tweets from us about bleach or Kool-Aid.

  18. Lions should have their own branded Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid

  19. Spiderman meme game of the week! Here's to a good game and for future success for both teams

  20. Yesterday I felt Japanese, today I feel Korean...

  21. The sports radio around Boston has speculated Patricia is being groomed as an heir apparent given his experience on both defense and the front office. Allegedly he has a great relationship with Kraft and Bill.

  22. Then Boston sports radio will be fun to listen to for years to come!

  23. Oh they hate his guts lol they just think that's why bill brought him back as a good ol boys club thing

  24. I’m listening to the Greg Hill Show this morning. It’s a “Patriots are doomed” bonanza.

  25. No, if a team doesnt win every game from week 1, they are fucking terrible, the team needs to be sold, the coach should be thrown in prison for daring to lose, and the qb have their manhood card revoked

  26. And everyone’s favorite: the owner needs to sell the team

  27. What do you expect when you have to play South Korea and Japan in back to back tournaments

  28. The two East Asian powerhouses of the world!

  29. Nathaniel Hackett and Kliff Kingsberry come on down!!

  30. Same as the Patriots/Bills playoff game. Mac played as well as he could while the defense was trash.

  31. Hard Rock and Metlife are gonna choose him next aren’t they?

  32. Well ours does, and we’re coming for you guys at Hard Rock Week 18. Be ready!

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