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  1. I wouldn't care about the value of the dividend stock since I wouldn't be selling.

  2. Do you mind expanding why dividends are a forced sale of the stock?

  3. Company has cash sitting on its BS (hopefully , or its using debt to pay dividends)

  4. I am confused , A roth IRA is a retirement account, you probably do not want your emergency fund inside a Roth IRA

  5. I don't run a service or anything like that. I have a long idea that I would like to share. I was successful in posting it here after all

  6. Ok sorry when I read this for some reason I thought you wanted to post a DD video , like your youtube channel, I hadn't had my morning caffine so I was half asleep

  7. Yes you should be able to consolidate all into one account, you can transfer an old 401k into an IRA .

  8. Thanks for the reply! Back door Roth? Uh oh more choices lol

  9. So to explain further if you are single filing and you make over 140k you cannot contribute the full 6.5k to a Roth IRA. And once you hit about 150k you cannot contribute anything.

  10. What is the info you are looking for? Excel can pull basic data like price , YTD return, previous open/close.

  11. Usually that past growth or the "return" section assume total return what assumes dividend re-investment

  12. If you have to ask this question on the sub then individual investing is probably not for you. Buy the index and hold if you don't have to retire anytime soon. In the long run, things will be fine.

  13. We’re not all 60 years old with 2million in the bank to invest, though. I got into investing in the stock market in 2020. You cannot deny that covid and the subsequent consequences of it have had a huge negative effect on the market (albeit on a short timeline) and that wiped 20% off my net worth.

  14. Thanks for the advice. I think 4 ETFs is a good number. I’m 41, so maybe a around 15% in bonds and increase a bit more when I turn 50. Also though about a target date fund but not sure if that would be as efficient as a 3/4 fund portfolio?

  15. A target date portfolio will basically mimic the portfolio I described it will just automatically increase the bond portion as you get closer to retirement.

  16. So this has been asked like 100 times in the last few weeks

  17. Well like others have said I believe a 401k has to be pretty standard an employer cannot say for employee A they will match 3% and employee B 10% or something

  18. I’m in a situation where I’m looking to recharacterize some post-tax contributions to my Roth IRA as a Traditional IRA over the previous tax year (too much AGI) — all of this happened after filing my tax return initially. Should I file an amended tax return with the IRS so that I can deduct this contribution from my earnings?

  19. well you should re characterize as a traditional then roll it into a roth, aka back door roth.

  20. Can someone explain to me how fed ensured SVB and other small-midsized banks got a lot of liquidity? I don't really understand how it works. I guess the basic idea I got is that SVB put a lot of money on bonds that lost a lot of value and now they have to sell to meet depositors wanting money back but they're taking a massive loss on it. So fed reserve basically said you can take a loan on the face value of the bond and pay it back later? Is that the general idea?

  21. Well SVB failed so they are not really part of it.

  22. My only problem is people will drive 80 when its icy and snowy as fuck out. In the summer in good weather this isn't an issue but people think if the speed limit is 80 they can drive 80 even if the road is covered in ice

  23. That is a mutual fund (vs an ETF with the three digit ticker). Mutual funds pay capital gains distributions at the end of the year, so you might have had one in one year and not another.

  24. I mean depending how small the company is ; less than 100 people they can open a simple IRA; there are downsides like only a 15k contribution limit vs 26k or what ever the 401k is.

  25. Your best bet is to call customer service for the company that manages the plan.

  26. Years ago my girldfriends job had a 401k through john hancock and the 401k was pure garbage

  27. i fixed my math errors. Re-read the post

  28. This is absolutely true. Unless you are a more knowledgeable tax expert than Turbotax and H&R Block:

  29. Stupid question: why do the FED raise rates incrementally over a long period of time and not just rip the band aid off and jack it up say 3% in one go?

  30. Give people , business and banks time to adjust

  31. These apps show the total order price (which includes tip) as well as the distance. Driver's decide if it's worth their time. Small orders and orders without tips often sit.

  32. Totally agree. For everyone making the argument that businesses choose Fargo over Moorhead, remember that businesses also choose Minneapolis over Fargo.

  33. This is what a lot of conservatives do not get, if you make business friendly , worker unfriendly laws well businesses might try to setup shop but if no one wants to live here its going to be tough to run. You need workers to actually RUN the business.

  34. He’s never made money on a Shark Tank investment

  35. I don't really watch the show , I sort of know what the show is about. I am not sure if this is true but just to appear on shark tank I remember hearing that the company has to put up like 5% just to appear on the show (I guess for the publicity)

  36. Oh? I use Charles Schwab as my brokerage account. I'd be thrilled if I could buy fractional shares of VTI/VXUS. I've been doing whole shares this entire time.

  37. On schwab use the leftover to buy one of their index mutual funds, it allows fractional shares

  38. When i was in college i was def NOT attracted to college age guys. I worked full time, had my own place, had been pretty much on my own since 16. Dating someone who was in that same mindset meant older guys. Plus they were experienced 😂. Win win. It was absolutely my choice.

  39. Reddit doesn't seem to understand this and I don't see why people care so much?

  40. That's true. It's just less common for May-December romances to come from a place of common goals and more common for them to come from a place of "I like 'em young, tight and naive".

  41. Find this attitude a bit problematic you are assuming the women (in most cases) is almost a child with no agency .

  42. I see you aren't trying to be very helpful but I will give you props to the sarcasm. I am certain to enroll in a law degree now lol.

  43. I am saying that security law is broad , complex and has a TON of history on it there are literally law degrees that focus on it.

  44. I am not part of the meme stock crowd and am not very familiar with them so not sure what exactly you are referring to. Regarding margin accounts, you can perhaps educate me about US law, but I am Canadian and am certain of my claim. I read the actual policies and laws; I know how this stuff works.

  45. So if Schwab fails like SVB, what happens to a fund like SNSXX that you own in a Schwab account?

  46. SNSXX holds government bonds, schwab failing will not affect government bonds , so nothing.

  47. Define what you mean. If a brokerage fails it just cannot take your investments

  48. That shows how fucked GME is, if they cannot even turn a profit during the xmas season well it probably won't turn a profit in qt1-3

  49. No just profitable in QT4; they still lose money on a yearly basis

  50. One profitable quarter does not make a profitable business

  51. What's worse is when the city doesn't shovel it's own side walks.

  52. Dumb question... Seems like money market funds are performing than total stock indexes and the bond funds I'm invested in. In a tax advantaged account, why should I not rebalance a significant amount into money market funds? Is it just cause this is an attempt at timing the market?

  53. It depends on your goals; long term money market funds will not return as much as broad index funds but it depends on your time frame

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