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  1. The Entire market took a shit i don't think this is unrelated

  2. ive never seen a single episode but like the attention to supply and demand being largely irrelevant in the us stock market so i upvoted

  3. I did that once. I would expect youll have to pay about 1 month's salary as penalty for breaking contract, and your contract prob says you have to give them 1 month notice as well (basically working your last month for free), then youll get the release letter and have a period of time to arrange a new visa or leave china. Good luck.

  4. Id put the blame squarely on abusive short selling by MMSHFs, as an institution, as being the systemic risk in the system that nearly caused a system-wide correction and the stock market continues to carry that risk. GME is the stock the MMSHFs put most of their bad bets on trying to bankrupt it and erase their obligations (hence the insane SI before they fudged that public metric), but I would not blame GME for a near public crash or for any future crash; such a crash wud come from MMSHFs closing. It's naked shorting, FTDing, pfof, dark pool/off exchange, algo trading, media manipulation ... and all the other bullshit advantages used in this scam coupled with the greed of criminals like Ken Griffin that is to blame for what happened then and whats to come. nfa

  5. Nope, I disagree with you. However, I disagree with you in a way you would agree with. Whoever allows abusive short selling by MMSHFs has introduced that risk into the system, and therefore must pay the price. The entity that allows it is making money off of it, so they have a bet that it will work. That is the DTCC, correct me if I'm wrong.

  6. Yea, Ken Griffin has friends complicit in this scam, totally agree - Michael Bodsen is one of them, for sure.

  7. Isnt that something? Self censoring the word "retarded" which means 'held back.' Do you see the irony? I mean, if we remove that word from our vocabulary would mean to hold back discussion of that which holds back. How retarded is that? When you look at all the quirks of character and quarks of the brain, every human primate mammal on this planet is mentally retarded in some form or another, it's just a matter of degree, in my humble submission.

  8. I am. Some of my retardations are easier to live with then others; some may even be useful at times, e.g., lack of trust may have its positive moments. That's life I guess. Try to rise above your own retardations. Know thyself, that kind of thing.

  9. Not so clear. The SEC and ethics are quite divorced from each other.

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