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It's happening. Starting April 6th, the STRIKE is on. For the ones who aren't uninstalling, consider doing the strike for AT LEAST a week, but carry on as long as you wish. No remotes/premium raid passes from that time, and consider turning off adventure sync.

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  1. Galarian Moltres since it’s our Team Bird! And if you want to trade it up for better CP, do a lucky trade with someone who has Galarian Moltres as well.

  2. It’s plain stupid. Before you just claim and no more pop ups. You’ll accidentally use your saved up diamonds for resources which is bullshit.

  3. I thought it was a duck at first until I red the comments 💀

  4. Goated Sanji took a lot of SWORDS on Kamabaka Kingdom while Loro only took One Big Sword from Mihawk

  5. Purify for the added ICY effect on Purified Regice!

  6. It’s fat and pink with the original color

  7. Is 11 AM PDT equivalent to 3 AM JST? So that means during my sleep, RR will already be nerfed?!

  8. I don't think so. 98.75% as Mawile, Ranks #52, but it's CP limit would be 1817, anything higher will probably drop its percentage. Nice catch tho.

  9. TBH, it’s good since it’s not our Team Bird! Hope we catch our first Galarian Legendary: Moltres soon!

  10. Since I’ve seen RSG Slate PH and other Pro teams doing it, I’ve been doing it as well and encountered no one in my team that’s laughing or complaining about it.

  11. Add a new Godly Tier Equipment where you can have all of the primary and secondary stats on each weapon!

  12. This game is not worth playing anymore. It’s repetetive. You do raids and push through MS, once in MS you just wait until another MS update comes. You can do Abyssal Tournament but there’s a lot of whales paying just to get to the top, you’ll lose interest.

  13. Uninstall and give them 1 star rating in the App Store/Google Playstore.

  14. I hope it’s part of April Fools Event 🥲

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