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  1. He's matured. No longer talking FROM the trenches and rather a man who's experienced the trenches and now uses that to fuel his life.

  2. This isn't controversial to say but Right Wingers love pretending Leftists talk like this: "Hello my lantinX people and of all genders!"

  3. So it was right wingers who put the most transgender ppl in Biden’s cabinet? Don’t act like the left isn’t playing the same game lmao. They know exactly how important that is to left leaning voters.

  4. You just proved my point; biden put trans ppl in his cabinet and YOUR side is making a big deal about it

  5. I know a guy who was 17 dating a 26 year old divorced woman. The early 80's were a lawless place for relationship age gaps. On the other hand they have been married 30 some years now.

  6. The "now their married thoigh" doesn't make me feel better. It could be a toxic marriage

  7. this actually fucking sucks, I guess I never saw it from a man’s perspective but this is all very valid

  8. This is the #1 I ignore women for the most part. I went to a bar, two cute girls waiting for their drinks and said "Nice night out, ain't it" and one of them calmly said "I'm just here to hang out with my friends ok? Please don't flirt, I'm not here for that"

  9. The point was I now assume every girl is just out to be with friends and I felt like the biggest asshole after hearing that.

  10. If she has a ton of followers then that's a red flag because it means she's likely addicted to social media and is desperate for attention or insecure about her own self worth.

  11. True. Someone I was trying to date had 10k followers and it got in the way of communication

  12. Twitter. Getting into arguments with morons who you can see are actual, real people was stressful.

  13. Half the nurses I know smoke, still gonna listen to them over some MURDERER ASSASSIN comedian despite being such a rare breed. Only 1000 of them in the world brah.

  14. Half the morons on here won't get a haircut if the barber is bald

  15. You just aren’t starting your day at 3am like a real savage would bro. Work out 3 am to 7am, hop in the shower, head to work (your kids can kick rocks, they’re old enough to feed themselves and talking to them in the morning will make them soft)

  16. Yes I know him! 10 year age gap, he is 35 I am 25. I know him through mutual friends. We have good convos 1v1 but he is definitely more introverted, especially in a group setting which is where we usually are.

  17. At 35 he has wrinkles in places, that don't bother you a bit?

  18. What do cosmetic outward appearance flaws matter? There’s more to people than that!

  19. Idk, I'm just really self conscious about the tiny wrinkles starting to develop. They signify the decline of youth and I think a person of 25 will find that gross

  20. The owning class exploiting the working class under capitalism

  21. Kyle from Arkansas who slept with Ashley in 2nd period math class 2nd year?

  22. Interestingly enough he supports birth control for the teen girl,

  23. Dude… no jealousy, I’m happily married to a beautiful woman… but what’s up with girls and these skinny little idiots?

  24. It's pretty simple explanation; responsible people get stressed out because they know about consequences but here they see a carefree happy go lucky guy, maybe he is doing things right? And then reality sets in that the guy is stress free becuase he doesn't give a shit about anyone or anything.

  25. She slept with my friends and then was engaged again to another guy 6 mo later despite telling me she decided she was too young to be marriwd and wanted to have fun.

  26. I sometimes wonder if the reason people take their jobs so serious is because they just want to forget what's happening in their personal lives

  27. Wait you started your own business which means you'll work twice as long and hard?

  28. Honesty. For some reason people think lying even for good intentions is ok. It's not. If you guys are communicating regularly because you're not thrilled when you talk but say "I'm just tired from work" it's gonna bomb

  29. Break up with me since she realized I was way more into her than I was to her

  30. My dad did everything right. He got a job at a state government facility at 18, climbed the ladder, worked there for 30 years, it was the only place he ever worked, and retired at 48 years old. Full benefits. Pension. Everything. He was diagnosed with cancer the following year, passed away at 52. The universe is a cruel place, and I will be mad about what he was robbed of forever.

  31. When u turned 30 this year and looked back how little fun I had in my 20s trying to save and start a career I had a panic attack thinking I'd be 60 with nothing to show for it

  32. I don’t know why everyone is obsessed about femboys and at this point I’m too afraid to ask

  33. I think its just society's way of dealing with sexualality where it's not all black and white.

  34. I would pinch her. And tell her I’m real and not a figment of her imagination and she needs to wake the fuck up from her dream world.

  35. My crush rejected me on Friday so I'm eager for a distraction at work

  36. Idk of this is an original saying or not but I'm adopting it

  37. I have a baby face and I'm starting to get wrinkles and it's fucking awful to be a grown ass man with a baby face & wrinkles

  38. I'm not the biggest leggs fan but watching Sam and Leggs criticize each other face to face while still being respectful and reasonable somewhat restored my faith in humanity, if only temporarily.

  39. The comment section on the other hand: look at this TDS lunatic thinking he's smart!

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