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  1. Let's hash out reparations and who pays and gets paid. The largest slave owner and slave trader in North America is on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' flag. California as part of the Union only had slavery for 13-15 years. Alta California was Mexican before that 1821 on. Earlier Spanish. Before even that Native Americans who practiced slavery. There is no un-mixing this melange.

  2. Dante responds: "Yeah, but California has Disneyland and Disney made Song of the South and that musical was racist because of, well, zippidty do dah day stuff so, by association, California must pay reparations."

  3. Can we get Pelosi's tax returns for the last 10 years?

  4. Be a shame if they had to liquidate a portion of the portfolio and we discover they have been vastly overestimating the asset values.

  5. Biden Worries that Navajos Will Seduce His Wife | Styxhexenhammer666

  6. Michael Burry: They Went Too Far. There Are No Options Left. | Steven Van Metre

  7. Something to watch as environmentalism collides with climate change policies.

  8. The tortoises wouldn't be in such dire straits if only they'd pick up the pace a little.

  9. As a matter of fact, yes, both Clapper and Clapper for Kids were advertised this morning!

  10. Use coupons and grocery store ads with member cards. I know, it's a PITA but you can save serious cash with just a little effort.

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