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  1. I’m confused, was this a Big Ten playoff hockey game or a soccer match?

  2. Actually it was big ten football, Iowa vs South Dakota St looking scoreline

  3. 4 goals in one half. tell me why we need Balogun again?

  4. The opponents we want to beat are better than Grenada

  5. "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" has brainwashed us into thinking crackerjacks are good. They're mid at best, and the "prizes" have gone to shit. We need to find a new 3-syllable word to replace it.

  6. There's a saying out there that applies here - "When you commit crime, only do one at a time."

  7. Don't you hate it when flair rivals say something you wholeheartedly agree with

  8. I honestly don't know who ran your offense for the last decade because it doesn't seem like any of them know what they are doing.

  9. Chad Morris and Jeff Scott are better coordinators than HCs. As for the rest of them... I dunno

  10. "Sweet Home Alabama" should probably be taken ironically. It was a musical counterpoint to Neil Young, and the song pretty much "celebrates" the popularity of Alabama's segregationist governor and his attempt to run for President.

  11. The song is so complicated that the band and the writers cannot agree on what's meant in the song lol. After all they all keep contradicting each other when they talk about the meaning publicly.

  12. If there's a fight between Eomer and Faramir my money is on Eomer.

  13. Just here to remind everyone that tribalism couched in concerns about rising costs of living places the blame for that on workers instead of the ownership class, where it rightly belongs!

  14. Well DC is the ownership class, they're government bureaucrats.

  15. Right?! Fucking dumb. Plus, I can almost guarantee you all three wouldn’t have caught charges if their dumbasses hadn’t lied and tried to cover it up

  16. No. Capitalism so far has been the best economic system for allocating material goods efficiently. Capitalism has issues, notably the cultural push for overconsumption and the resulting unsustainability but the opportunity for lower and middle class people to even have the opportunity to overconsume is better than the alternative.

  17. i've never understood this argument of "yeah i know its not great but what else dowe have"

  18. Well any alternative is going to involve centralized control (government) of the economy.

  19. I mean the ACC took GT first in 79 and added FSU in 91 when the SEC first expanded, shunning the SEC to go with what they perceived as a stronger conference.

  20. And added Miami, Virginia Tech and Pitt. Granted that's the Big Easts collapse more than poaching

  21. Hey man, given we are currently the underdog against Michigan you will root for us right?

  22. Lol this past year i was pulling for y'all granted that was selfishly cuz it helped Clemson's playoff odds. Then i pulled for y'all vs uga cuz I hate those dogs

  23. My man. That Garret Riley hire looks amazing. Wish DJ could’ve gotten a better OC before transferring but at least we get to see Klubnik with one.

  24. I'm excited for sure, I'm not sure what happened between our offense with Trevor and our offense with DJ. I get that Trevor was ridiculously talented but DJ is definitely better than he looked with us. I'll be rooting for DJ at Oregon State

  25. Yes. If you count people who are former players and someone who just transferred on campus.

  26. Then it should be 7 or 8 depending on whether you're looking backwards or forwards.

  27. In the article he's mostly complaining about how the SEC shouldn't be using just the past ten years because it doesn't reflect historical trends, which is honestly fair. He then, in this order, complains about NIL, says he wants more SEC games, and then says he'd prefer the eight game model.

  28. What traditions has the SEC destroyed? I guess we don’t get Missouri/Kansas or Oklahoma/OK State any more but I’m struggling to think of anything else now that UT/OU have finally joined.

  29. The media companies (specifically CBS and ESPN) have used and advertised the SEC conference to make themselves money. As part of this they created a narrative that the SEC was the best conference, which wasn't particularly true at the time but became a self-fulfilling prophecy (the early/mid 2000s, before the maps with the circle stating "16 of the last 17 National championship winners are within this circle" was started). Though part of this is that high school football is currently mostly a southern thing.

  30. That's not a good idea. You don't want 3 loss Alabama facing 4 loss LSU in week 10.

  31. You don't want a schedule that looks like: FSU, uga, Texas, Alabama, Clemson, Auburn, Southern Mississippi, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Florida, Oklahoma?

  32. On the bright side, you could win the conference with like 3 losses

  33. For the SEC, I think taking both UNC and NC state could absolutely make sense. Duke is more national brand, while UNC and NC State would dominate the whole of the state.

  34. I would argue it is on the same levels as most of the mid tier SEC schools.

  35. They have all the same sports as the B1G and fencing, rowing and squash. Those sports are popular with the New England boarding school crowd and elite private prep schools.

  36. Here in Alabama you'll see fencing schools advertising their ivy league connections, it's weird

  37. If we had a game scheduled with Illinois and Syracuse just showed up and started playing instead, I'm certain I wouldn't notice until well into the third quarter.

  38. Bro I don't know anymore. Some people would call me a leftist, others would say I'm right-wing.

  39. For 1 fucking season, with Mason likely gone (and hopefully not another QB drafted).

  40. And based on the way he played before/after that concussion he was probably not fully healed. A bad concussion can still cause lingering issues for months, long after the obvious symptoms they test for are gone. My oldest son got a concussion while he was in college (not sports related) and he says it was a full 6 months until he thought his cognitive ability was back to normal. And I know they do baselines and compare the player against those baselines post concussion, but it’s still a very subjective science.

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