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  1. Would anybody have any interest in purchasing an Orion shirt? It was the one he released that has all the fake tour dates on the back. It was part of the merch he released with the vinyl back in the day.

  2. Pro tip - book a reservation at the restaurant inside RR and they let you in early before the lines. You don’t need to get there at the buttcrack of dawn and wait in line all day.

  3. Personally, I wouldn’t skip. My suggestion would be to just take it at night as normal and then again in the morning. And from then on, just take it in the morning.

  4. Mark cuban would sell his kidneys and put his wife and kids up for sale before letting Luka go to the lakers

  5. I mean…to be fair, his little brother tragically died not too long after he started releasing these singles. He clearly had something in the works that had to be put on hold.

  6. Quick correction - at least when we did it last year, VIP minimum was 7 hours.

  7. But WHY is AoA what she'd like best? The overall vibe? A particular character or theme? If you give any tidbit of insight into what she actually likes, that might help guide suggestions, because there are literally hundreds of different ways to splurge at Disney.

  8. So this community has definitely made it very clear that AoA is not the best move - it's wearing down on me.

  9. How old a man are we talking? There are affordable retirement communities in Palm Desert.

  10. Interested in Travis Scott. Would you do a trade + cash or only looking for cash?

  11. Can you link this? I just bought a CD/Blu Ray combo on Amazon but this looks a lot bigger for some reason…

  12. So happy that this is getting a release. One of my favourite 2021 films and haven't stopped listening to the soundtrack since I saw it!

  13. Been looking for this!! That $30 shipping to the US though, oof

  14. Hi there. So sorry that you’re having to go through this. From what I can see, it sounds like a classic case of E. cuniculi. It happens to most all elder bunnies in some shape or form.

  15. Not sure about favorite from A24 (huge Ari Aster stan). However, I would say that it’s my favorite movie of 2021 so far…at least until Dune comes out.

  16. Pretty much that. It’s alright for finding new stuff as well. I also have my watchlist synced with my home server so that any movie I add gets added to my plex server

  17. I’m intrigued by your statement that you find it to be only “alright” for finding new stuff. Was curious if there is another platform you use that you like better for discovering new movies. Would love to hear your recommendations!

  18. The single is honestly epiphanic and humbling. I urge everyone to take 8 minutes out of their day, put on the best pair of headphones you own, and listen to this track uninterrupted lying down in a dark room.

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