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  1. He is cracked assuming the classroom is behaving, there's a few instances where he's struggled to do anything (especially in disadvantaged schools) because he isn't used to the high behaviour management

  2. You clearly haven’t been to a bad public school yet cause it gets much worse than that 💀 he’s actually pretty good at keeping the class quiet

  3. I'm in year 11 and doing it as a text analysis/response

  4. Mostly agree with post except for the last part - Muji pens absolutely suck. The price is low and so is their quality. I have never enjoyed a gel pen less. Even the most average ballpoint pens from companies like Papermate and Studymate do it better (I am passionate about this ;-;) But yes still using Frixion pens in Y11/12 doesn’t make sense - imo they have always been for kids and young teens who are transitioning from pencils to pens and are scared of making mistakes (or worse, crossing things out - the horror)

  5. Yeah muji pens are an absolute scam now especially since they upped the price of their refills from $0.50 to $1.50 and their products are still low quality

  6. They just opened a store in Australia so I can try one now :)

  7. Yeah there’s one in Melbourne that I’m gonna hopefully get my hands on

  8. Ngl the eyebrows look weird and that’s about it

  9. He has a clear code of honor. But he's still someone who thinks it's ok to work for a drug cartel destroying people's life just to make sure that his granddaughter won't have money problems.

  10. I’m glad kaylee never got any of the money from mike

  11. Ngl I never realised how similar harry souttar is to harry Maguire. If he joins then they’ll be even more similar then lol

  12. For real, though, this kid handled it like a champ. Even when he thought he lost his ear, he didn’t lose his shit that badly. Then at the end, that smirk is pure “all right, you got me, fuckface.”

  13. Yeah but now he’s probably gonna have a phobia of haircuts now lol

  14. How do they know her bra size but not her feet size even though it’s shown for like 30 total minutes in the show 💀

  15. Dont forget when he first calls himself Heisenberg in front of taco salamanca, and then tells his name as Mr Mayhew while meeting Saul. Not sure if his cancer caused the dementia, or the dementia caused him to believe he had cancer - new mandela effect

  16. Jesse may also have dementia considering he said he killed a dog in front of his therapist when there was actually 0 scenes in which he killed a dog of any sort.

  17. Why didn’t you just drop her then, you probably could’ve looked for a different tutor

  18. As I said, my parents wouldn’t allow me to drop her.

  19. Why not though? Did they know each other I’m presuming? Because there’s no benefit that I see that would come from staying with your tutor from your parents perspective

  20. This pic goes hard feel free to screenshot

  21. Public school in my town gets millions every year whereas the private school I go to there doesn't get anywhere near as much only maybe a couple hundred grand because the government doesn't directly fund private schools like they do public. Most of the private schools need to find people who will donate and the school has to organise a plan for say a building and how their going to use that building before they can even hope to find someone willing to pay for it or even hope to get the government to give them anything for it

  22. Another thing is that basically every Christian or catholic school here is funded by a number of religious organisations that help build and support these schools for supposedly catholic/Christian children.

  23. Ever since I linked up with the great "Gamerberg" my life has turned to shit.

  24. I don’t have a pdf but if you wanna just listen to the book just go on audible and use their free trial thing and search for nine days

  25. Mind posting proof that they were dismissed? The last statement from the Romanian police is that it was an ongoing investigation. Tate also lied about the woman in question being found in his house during the police raid.

  26. He was literally in London like a week ago. The same place that he allegedly ‘fled’ from.

  27. It’s a pretty good book. Definitely one of the better text response texts that are available on the study design

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