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  1. Roshan doing his Stairmaster workout

  2. I kind of wish he was a little stronger, but I do like that his ability works for both legendary or Rat cards. I wonder if I'd like him more as a commander than my low effort Marrow Gnawer deck, since Nashi gets blue and green.

  3. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and you kinda need to go into both themes since UG only really adds Changelings and Master Splinter for Rats.

  4. Man, Oda showing how ass-backwards thinking the WG and Marines are with basically background elements in this chapter is a masterclass.

  5. Just letting uninformed people know - this new patch is crazy. The map is 40% bigger, changes to some heroes are huge, and games can regularly go into the hour range. Mobility is the name of the game.

  6. More than I'd like but I'll take it

  7. Jaune lost the wolf tail... Ah, the prices we pay. Still happy he kept his memories and was turned young.

  8. But where does Eric Sparrow fall in all of this?

  9. When we beat the Patriots and Bart Scott gave his famous “Can’t Wait!” response In regard to the Steelers, that was the best feeling as a Jets fan that I’ve had

  10. I still think that if we had beaten the Steelers, we were the perfect match for the Packers in the SB. What could have been.

  11. Falling Devil letting themselves get eaten and then instantly reassembling was awesome.

  12. We actually did consider keeping it completely hidden until delivery as we were enjoying the privacy, but we’ve been so excited and and didn’t want anyone to think we weren’t extremely proud, so we figured since I’m showing so much that it was time.

  13. Falling Devil stole 10 apples. That’s as much as one tens. And that’s terrible.

  14. Falling Devil stole 10 apples. That’s as much as one tens. And that’s terrible.

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