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  1. The fact that the covid jab doesn't prevent you from catching, spreading, suffering, or dying from it might be part of it. If you had 4 polio jabs in a year and you got polio you'd have issues with it. The disinformation were the lies they told people to convince people to get it. Remember when it came out and all you heard about it was how it was 100% safe and effective and how you won't catch of spread the virus with it? Remember how they demonised cheap and effective early treatment that would have saved countless lives but would have made people feel the vax wasn't as necessary? Remember when the Pfizer documents came out proving that they lied through their teeth and everyone just carried on burying their heads in the sand? The countries with the highest vaccination rates have had the biggest covid surges. The vaccinated are the ones getting covid over and over again. There have been numerous reports on how more effective natural immunity is compared to the jab. In the UK the majority of death are in the vaccinated and the majority of those are in the triple/quadruple jabbed. And this is all before you get to the myriad adverse side affect this jab is causing. Being against this jab isn't anti-vax (most vaccines are great and the basic idea behind vaccines, before they had to change the definition of vaccine so the covid jab could be considered one, is utterly inspired), it's common sense, though that doesn't seem so common anymore.

  2. You're just...wrong lmao. China sees hardly any covid at near 100 percent vaccination. Places like America and the UK that have such a deluded sense of "freedom" have extremely low Vax numbers and are fucked

  3. Actually non tipping restaurants do exit and they do not have any problem with keeping help.

  4. What do people get paid? Because I know a lot of people that would not put themselves through the job if they weren't making what they do. I work in the kitchen and the front and if I made what I do in the kitchen for the front I would just stay in the kitchen.

  5. I just believe they have less tools in their favor to use... So I just wouldn't hire you...

  6. With this mindset you will never be a complete bartender... If you can't entertain your guests find an office job and everyone will be happy

  7. You know reporting a post for violence only reports it to the subreddit mods right? The people who organized this sub? It's not getting removed.


  9. Was supposed to be part of the comment with other link. Don't know why they separated.

  10. I believe everything I read on the Internet so I will not fact check you and I will also share this with everyone I know.

  11. I want a reality TV show where people who talk shit about other people's jobs, and have no experience in that job, have to do it for a month. I have no idea how difficult being a DJ is, but I would love to see your first attempt, and if you'd be able to sufficiently DJ a huge party at the end of the month.

  12. Same. The amount of people that have said to me "oh you're a line Cook? You serve tables too? Can't be that hard" makes me so angry. It's it's so easy do it.

  13. If you have an alternate source, then put it up. Otherwise it's obvious you're just making shit up at this point.

  14. There's something pretty hilarious about this MP5 guy being really confident while being wrong on this sub specifically

  15. I had a job when I was a student. 14 years old I had a paper route. Woke up at 4 AM to do my route then went to school and did sports afterwards. At 15 I worked under the table for a restaurant as a dish washer. From that point I've had at least one job for 18 years. When I was in college full time I had two jobs even with no car.

  16. And plenty of people don't. Point is, quit being a pussy and get over it.

  17. I would personally love to hear more about the mods' work experience, union experience, and things like that. Cool about the theory though.

  18. I'm a member of my local chapter of CPUSA, recently my chapters work included passing a no-utility-shutoff bill but I wasn't too involved with that project. Right now we are helping organize strikes and unions across my state. I have never been in a union, but have been talking to co-workers about the possibility for us.

  19. That is really vocational, I love to hear it. To bad the shit you have to deal with in your field!

  20. The juices will flow out if you cut it right away, in a restaurant it’s hard to let a steak rest when a table is asking why it takes 30 minutes for a “medium steak but no blood” we bleed that cow 2 times, a well done steak takes 40 minutes minimum

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