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  1. S elektrem bys měl výhodu při programování PLC

  2. Já už se pesimisticky smiřuju s tím, že když tam bude, tak to vlastně nebude o tolik horší než Zeman. Jestli bude jezdit ven, reprezentovat zemi, mluvit, tak budeme obecně v plusu.

  3. “Czechs elected criminally prosecuted ex-prime minister as their president” Už vidím ty nadpisy. Nejdůležitější úloha prezidenta je reprezentace země. Tohle je úžasná reprezentace teda.

  4. Jakou reprezentaci nám aktivně dělal Zeman? A jakou aktuálně (ne)dělá?

  5. For a sec a thought it took you couple of minutes to edit the screenshot in PS, heh.

  6. I don't like electric mountain bikes because they are against everything I like about the sport, they break the effort-reward dynamic for me.

  7. Dělali jsme si srandu, že by to bylo % podle vybraného naspořeného důchodu. Vybral jsi na důchodech už 1/2 toho co jsi do systému dal (kalk. s inflací)? 50% volebního hlasu

  8. Easy, that's all my "server" does. I will be rebuilding it soon and I will try docker.

  9. you're prob right. I just wanted to share that it is possible. I still have steam os on it but didn't like that ats profiles didn't sync on my deck so I decided to try out windows 11. Currently have dualboot software and it works flawlessly. Honestly didn't think handling would be this good. I did some tweaks but overall great experience

  10. Was it fault with your deck that your profiles didn't sync or it's windows to Linux issue?

  11. Dárky mají být pro děti, dospělí se mají hlavně sejít. Když něco potřebuju/chci tak si to buď koupím sám, nebo to je tak drahý, že to po nikom nemůžu chtít.

  12. Lmao yeah. The first two Shrek movies are some of my favorite movies ever (4th one’s pretty good too) so I’m pretty passionate about them and like to analyze them. I hope you enjoy them when you do watch them!

  13. Víte kolik chtějí za adventní věnce na trzích na náměstí???

  14. V tom je ta pointa, aby nemuseli ztrácet čas s lidmi, kterým je jasný, že to je scam. Takhle si je hezky odfiltrujou

  15. Tak kolega říkal, že je to určitě vytržený z kontextu, že je to úplná blbost, že to musel myslet jako vtip.

  16. You should be able to get student license for Inventor which has it built in

  17. I remember haze as one the games of all time.

  18. I liked how he was looking into getting taycan and did not go through not because he couldn't afford it but because he couldn't defend it

  19. Why would he need to defend it? It's his money, his work, why can't he spend it without controversy?

  20. Bottom row should be rotated, you can use it in any orientation you want though.

  21. I haven’t swapped cables yet but I tried on different monitors and it still would happen I can’t open a game without my screen turning green. I’m going to try a full reset and download all the updates and drivers needed again and see if that fixes the problem. I’m just hoping it’s not a hardware issue and I have to get a new gpu

  22. As long as you have important files backed up (which you should always have), there's nothing wrong about clean install, I'm gonna have to do one soon as well.

  23. No my screen will randomly turn green then after a while turn back to normal.

  24. Doubles, rigids and bus mods definitely added a lot to my experience. Can recommend.

  25. And how well does it run on the deck? I'm thinking about getting one

  26. It runs completely fine. I increased some settings for a mix between medium and high. Haven't tried any mods though. I usually limit the FPS to 40 for more battery life (about 3-3.5 hours in that case)

  27. I think it was from the first petabyte project series, and they were quoting someone else, not their own experience.

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