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  1. Only thing I wish is if rockstar games didn't come with a delay to pc. I bought rdr2 on my ps4 and never fiished it didn't even get to the third of the story because I couldn't force myself to play the game with 30fps and huge TV latency. Never got around buying it for the pc because I couldn't bring myself to do the snow prologue again. Such a shame because I was really excited for that game. I will probbably get around playing it on my pc eventually because I know it's an amazing game.

  2. Dude, I just wait. And I usually wait for a sale. I've got plenty of other shit to play

  3. I'll never forget when Trump was at the the Helsinki summit and admitted on stage that he trusted Putin more than his own intelligence advisors.... Only to come back to the states and try to pass it off as he misspoke and meant the exact opposite ('I said shouldn't when I meant should') and everyone just continued on like it was normal.

  4. And of course, the idea that this was just "a slip of the tongue" only works if you take the statement out of context and ignore everything else he said in that press conference.

  5. You've definitely picked a good show to see. They're already building this card, and MJF is virtually guaranteed to be involved because this is his home turf. Hopefully HOOK will be there and maybe even Willow too for the same reason.

  6. I have a hard time believing Brock Lesnar would be able to find a willing opponent in a slapping competition

  7. I see Redditors post that he has no "charisma" all the time. He has the same bitter/angry/confident/whiny persona that works for tons of Republicans, and a lot like Tucker Carlson's persona. It totally works for his base.

  8. His problem is that to be successful outside of Florida, it has to work for more than just his base.

  9. NASCAR needs better rules for road tracks, the bumping on road tracks just turns the race into a slow, boring shit-show with too many cautions.

  10. I would go so far as to say that they shouldn't even be driving on road tracks if this is the style of racing. The cars look slow, track limits don't exist, and everyone being content to run into each other makes them look slower.

  11. Zack Clayton's facial expressions make him look like he is trapped in an elevator filled with farts.

  12. Nothing will ever be done. After Sandy Hook, it became clear that no tragedy would ever be heinous enough to bring people to their senses about guns. It's sick.

  13. Ryan Nemeth asking his cat if we are gonna see Bray Wyatt and Goldberg at Forbidden Door is hilarious

  14. I remember people waiting for Raw ratings the week after. They seriously expected WCW fans - the 3.0 rating or so they were averaging the last year or more - to switch all at once to Raw and WWE would gain that audience. It barely got a bump then they were losing audience months later. Those fans didn’t go anywhere after WCW was off the air. They were WCW fans. Not WWE fans. Bischoff never respected the company history and it’s fans for themselves and in the end that’s why it shut down. The further they got away from what WCW was to it’s fans - Russo and other stupidity - the worse the ratings got. The fact WWE didn’t inherit them should have been the big lesson.

  15. I was first and foremost a WCW fan in the late 90s. I didn't stay in until the very end, at some point in the Russo Era I just got turned off and very casually watched WWF. By the time Vince had bought WCW and ECW, I was completely out. I tuned into one Raw afterward and seeing WCW on WWF was just weird and felt wrong. I never watched wrestling again until last year.

  16. I find it odd this match was made for next week instead of this week. There’s gotta be some reason for that.

  17. And this reddit group does too... Everyone is an arm chair GM in here!

  18. I don't see it, man. The guy has always been limited in the ring, unsafe, and now he's old as hell. I just don't know what he could bring to the table in 2023.

  19. Legally speaking would this Cease and Desist order have any merit in the real world? Taya's been using the move for years, would that outweigh the C&D order?

  20. In the real world, I think "Smart" Mark Sterling would be full of shit.

  21. Juice Robinson looking and talking like a crazy homeless person has me entertained.

  22. I swear everytime they cut to Daddy Magic Matt Menard on commentary, I found myself laughing. This dude’s eyes always look like they’re about to pop from their sockets. Then he starts talking in, what sounds to me, is a 50s greaser accent and I never know what he’s saying exactly because they always cut to him and his bulging eyes and I’m always laughing. Also, I think they're Quebecois so none of this makes sense but also makes perfect sense.

  23. Daddy Magic on commentary is my #1 reason for watching Dark: Elevation. He always cracks me up.

  24. Feels like obstruction of justice. Obviously, that's the goal here regardless of statute.

  25. It's just a matter of time before this results in another Timothy McVeigh. It's the exact same rhetoric.

  26. Kinnear will always be last for me. The man had no business managing any club.

  27. Still think this dude rigged the Florida election. He went from winning by the smallest margin ever to winning by the largest margin ever in 4 fucking years. I can't believe pollsters and statistical wonks aren't freaking out over that fact. Yes, I know Crist was a wet sack. But the Gillum is a progressive, black and bisexual (?) guy and damn near beat him 4 years earlier. What happened? Plus didn't a bunch of Floridians die in-between that time too? Is that why he went after the lady who was showing how many covid deaths were actually happening? There is some there there for sure.

  28. A bunch of MAGA lunatics moved here during the pandemic. And turnout in 2022 was awful because Crist was a wet sack.

  29. Gross. My couch is going to be a pretty comfortable place to watch this race from, even if I'll have to stay up way too late.

  30. Right? Like, I'm all for worker's rights, but it kinda blows my mind that he can just say "nah, fuck it, I'm not working" and keeps getting paid.

  31. It's Saturday night at 6:05 and you know what that means!

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