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  1. This was my 1st gunpla so glad to see it in this sub its a nice model

  2. The pose here is definitely a little wonky, and I'll be playing around with it more later. Once I've got a proper hobby area, I'll probably do some painting and apply some decals.

  3. Very good pose so far also recently started gunpla with the deathscythe hell mg being my 1st proper gunpla a couple pieces have a tendency to fall off on mine so I'm sure I've done something wrong but yours looks good

  4. On 1st glance I thought that spin the wheel was a chain chomp and was afraid I'd missed out on a mario decor

  5. Most impressive I'm new to gunpla and gundam in general which model is this?

  6. Hey welcome to the addiction. This is the MG eclipse Gundam.

  7. I do like an mg thanks for the welcome everyone in the community that I've encountered has been super helpful

  8. Most likely the scenes he was in in guardians vol 2 think there was a post credit scene also think his character is one of the og GOTG along sylvester stalones character

  9. Lois has been possessed by Brianna, Dawn Stiles, Faora, and Isis.

  10. I know its not classed as possessing but something else took control chloe had that alien worm thing from the caves when the kids held that rave

  11. The bigger question is how many times does Lex offer to fly in 'specialists from Metropolis'!?

  12. Or a team of lawyers for when someone got in trouble

  13. Who else is there in the mcu? Are we including all h2h skilled chara terse like BW, hawkeye and DD. A proper iron fist might count if we had one

  14. TBF "the best martial artist" isnt the same as saying "the strongest h2h combat fighter".

  15. Yeah ik was just struggling to come up with other martial arts characters from mcu if you maybe count daredevil show as Canon might include the hand

  16. So with the right sort of harness ready player 1 style vr rig is getting closer to reality

  17. I'd say yes as these frames probably have more detail than any of my complete gunpla keep up the excellent work

  18. Cool thanks for the info have 2 MG's built but still giving the finishing touches if I ever decide what pens or paint I'm going to use

  19. I'm still ridiculously new to gunpla so please forgive my stupid question what grade barbatos lupus is this? Great work btw

  20. I replayed the part where he screams a hundred times. Tom did in amazing job in this scene. You could really see and feel Clark’s pain, and he definitely felt guilty for doubting Alicia.

  21. I wonder if they put his scream in as a sort of homage to the superman scream in the Christopher reeve movie when lois dies

  22. Given her kryptonite suit and his ability to get stronger from kryptonite I still reckon lana and bizarro were perfect together if they'd ever met again after her upgrade

  23. That is a nice looking build looking for my next fix and this might be the one to look out for

  24. Sheldon: Why do you even want this here? Its size is completely disproportionate to its purpose! Raj: Considering its purpose was to piss you off, I'd say it's spot on.

  25. When Johnny finally caught up with Miguel just outside the shop was expecting the dad to come out gun blazing seeing as Johnny and Robbie had their FBI shirts still

  26. I liked him as arrow I just wish they did better with him story wise

  27. Totally new to the gunpla scene and gundam in general so sorry for the stupid question. What gundam is this? Really looks good well done

  28. Unfortunately we all have to accept that they don’t let us move anything in that area 😩 I wish we could move and add furniture there.

  29. I wish we could request a change of the pattern so it matches some of the other path presets

  30. Means he can kick his opponents in the head and shoot them in the foot easier

  31. As long as you had fun nothing else matters, that being said looks good to me though I've pnly just started myself

  32. PG's do look so nice haven't got 1 as I've only recently found out about gunpla after a side step from the digimon sets just made my 1st gunpla which was a MG just need to apply the stickers

  33. Think they mean the films never show the eye paint when the others remove their cowl

  34. i use several shops in europe when shopping online.

  35. UK user here Just discovered gunpla after making a side step from the digimon models have only been relying on amazon will give these a look thanks

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