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  1. Drop to the desktop. Load the Steam client there and add your micro sd card as an install location

  2. I did this but like in the screenshot the Steam games are being treated as "Other"

  3. How is the card formatted? What is the directory structure of where your game folders are stored?

  4. Its a folder called SteamLibrary then into a folder called SteamApps, and then the games are just there

  5. If it's a recent purchase you should 100% send it back to get repaired/replaced or even a refund.

  6. Ah that's the quirky part that makes me want to tear my hair out, nothing started going super wrong until right AFTER the "return window" on newegg ended. So now I need to deal with iBuyPower customer support and pay delivery fees and the whole RMA nightmare .

  7. You may have to insert the drivers disk and load the storage driver

  8. Computer doesnt have a disk drive, and trying to look up the specific brand of SSD drivers yields me nothing but an application only usable if I had windows installed already.

  9. It will most likely be behind the back panel either attached to the back opposite the motherboard or underneath near the PSU is. Looking at the motherboard you should see the lower right hand side a flat skinny wire roughly 3/8 of an inch that is plugged in to a group of 4 or 6 available slots of similar size (sorta l shaped inside) that cable will lead to the ssd or hard drive unless it is a m.2 or bone in which case it will br something that looks like a stick of gum screwed into thr face of the mobo.

  10. It seems to be the stick of gum on the motherboard. It's screwed in, is it even possible to get loose?

  11. Remove the screw at the end and it will lift up on that side and you can gently slide out

  12. Is that the only thing connecting it?

  13. Does this behavior happen when you plug it into any USB port on the PC? Have you tried to plug it into a different computer? I would start by booting the computer in safe mode:

  14. Oh and if I have to do it from the BIOS my computer does not allow me to access them? Whenever I restart my computer my screen blanks out so I cant see any boot stuff, but if I spam F2 or DEL it just stays on a black not active monitor. Very strange and def not good.

  15. Its on Windows 11 my bad for not saying otherwise! And I think so. I plugged it into the front USB slots and 2 of the back ones.

  16. It’s a computer, not a phone. Computers generally don’t let other computers access their files through USB.

  17. I did get warpinator on my desktop yes. It detects the Steamdeck but then claims its unreachable or offline. And on the Steam deck it doesn't even recognize my PC.

  18. No, the answer is "Linux File Systems for Windows".

  19. Damn that answer is straight up PAINFUL not going to lie. Fuck.

  20. I got told "You should 41% yourself" for having a trans flag emblem. Just how online games are sadly. Anonymity emboldening weirdos etc

  21. My dreams are dysphoric. In my dreams I am aware that I am a trans girl, but In my dream its like in my waking life but ramped up to 1000%. I deal with self transphobia like a LOT I guess. So in my dreams my voice is deep, my body is hairier and my mannerisms are dude-bro-ish (even though im not any of these in real life). Just sucks.

  22. I've always wanted a crossover. Red Stranding.

  23. My dumb cavegirl brain makes me want the game with the feral muscle lady professor ☺

  24. If you talking about this DLC Total War: WARHAMMER III - Champions of Chaos then it doesn't come out until August 23 2022.

  25. No I know but I can still redeem it. Had to do it through my phone. No idea what the issue was but its def computer related

  26. Maybe try another browser? Humble won’t work for me on firefox for example. Otherwise try again a bit later, maybe the site has some sort of problem rn? Or contact support if the issue does not go away :)

  27. I've tried Chrome, firefox, operaGX, Edge, internet explorer, and its all the same variation of issue

  28. >sees ultrahot recovery-calcel-deflect shinobi antigank

  29. You don't need to come at me like this

  30. Has your gay or trans experience been a good one for you thus far?

  31. Good and bad. I'm trans MtF and pansexual but only attracted to feminine presenting people. My friends and coworkers call me my new name with ease while my immediate family still deadnames me and doesn't really even try even though I asked if they could. Just a lil frustrating. Also idk what I'm doing. When it comes to voice training, makeup, mannerisms, etc I'm just faking I know it as I go along. It's rough. I just hope I don't look silly or like the stereotypes in the eyes of everyone else. :c

  32. It’s not available because SpecialK really exemplifies the “Special” part of his name. He’s functionally an egotistical sociopath who has a gaggle of followers because he makes some tools

  33. Ok so I downloaded the SpecialK tools to get the achievement thingy, was that a bad idea? Am I gonna get messed up from using it?

  34. Its fine the tools are useful and you won't get banned

  35. I had pains a few months in but I'm not experiencing anything now. Apparently my E levels are SUPER high so I can't ask them to up my doses :c

  36. I hope not lol my boobs are still a bit lopsided. My right boob is BIG but my left is still fairly smol. HRT is weird sometimes so I'll just be patient and hope.

  37. i had the same problem. you need to go into mod settings and allow all work types (or specific work types, whatever the case may be).

  38. Not from me sorry, I do not "girlmode"

  39. Like usually a trans person presenting masc or fem. Boymoding usually means a trans girl who is dressing like a guy. Girlmoding is when trans girls dress in affirming girls clothing.

  40. Desire path mod perhaps? It makes so that when characters walk a path often enough it will create it. It also happens when caravans comes and wander the same area for a while, thus creating a large patch. It has fucked my crops on numerous occasions.

  41. I was wrong I downloaded fluffys pack and it had desired paths in it I'm stupid sorry and thank you!

  42. It doesn't stay in one spot and goes away after a while but the packed dirt keeps killing my crops. I just wanted to grow grapes :c

  43. I'm trans because a lot of things over the years just make more sense if I was a woman.

  44. I deal with a sort of internalized homophobia/transphobia as well. We're both valid as heck. Us wanting to date girls doesn't make us any less of women. Hope you get some cake fren <3

  45. I know I'm trans b/c I really really badly want to be a woman.

  46. This makes me feel a lot better actually thank you. I tend to overthink a lot. I think just being blunt about it and ignoring anyone who fights me hard on it so I can be happy is the best course.

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