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  1. I lost my mother too. Sending you all the love in the world 💕

  2. I've had a few fathers try to intimidate me. Right then you lost my respect. Now I'm not going to disrespect the daughter because of what the father said or did but I won't give that father a second thought.

  3. I actually don’t think they are correct in their analysis. Marina has stated numerous times that the archetypes are her and aren’t her. She said she absolutely sees herself in all four.

  4. Or Indian. This is a condition for me. If she is marrying me, she has to stay with my parents and me, unless we go to a different place for my, or her work.

  5. Will you tolerate lack of respect for her from your parents? That seems more common, at least in the US. It’s common for daughter in laws and MIL to not get along.

  6. WHen you wake up do you feel rested or are you fatigued through out the day?

  7. I feel pretty tired often, like I’m in a haze. I assumed it was just brain fog

  8. I think it’s worth a shot if you’re experiencing things that suggest poor sleep is affecting your quality of life—unexplained daytime fatigue, brain fog, trouble focusing, memory issues. Especially if your insurance will cover CPAP for your diagnosis, then there’s little downside in trying it out and seeing if it works. Some insurance covers CPAP for mild apnea with no issue if the doctor prescribes it.

  9. Hope you get a machine fast and it works out for you!!! I’m going to try it again too! :)

  10. I’m a borderline case. Technically I have apnea, but only when I sleep flat on my back. I used a CPAP for a while, but eventually ended up stopping it.

  11. I have GERD which has been really hard on my teeth. Plus poor genes, plus I clench and grind since I was a kid which caused major issues as an adult when top crowned molars cracked my bottom molars, plus I don't have dental insurance since becoming disabled 15 years ago. But with GERD I just assumed my mouth and maybe my saliva too was extra acidic and softening my teeth, idk. I saw a new dentist recently, was telling her about my disaster mouth despite pretty good hygiene, filling her in on my health history. She asked about my meds and noted almost every one can cause dry mouth. When she started poking around she said "yup, that frothy saliva is a sign of dry mouth" and she wrote me an rx for toothpaste and recommended Biotene oral rinse. It moisturizes my mouth, has reduced foamy spit, and my lips have stopped sticking to my front teeth so much. Thought I'd share just in case something clicks with you and ends up helping. Good luck!

  12. I have the same thing. Wake up in the morning spitting foam, bitter taste in my mouth. Your throat is trying to protect itself from the reflux and generates more saliva. I have the same issue with burping everything. Have you had any testing done?

  13. I have! I have LPR :( I haven’t had much success but strangely baking soda water seems to be the best thing so far, it beats ppis even tbh

  14. I have a constant feeling of needing to clear my throat and it feels like there's always a wad of mucus in the back of my throat with dry mouth occurring somewhat often. Shit sucks

  15. It’s horrible :( I can’t stand the feeling of thick saliva on my tongue - feels dry yet is still somehow what. I HATE this disease

  16. I think this reflux may be the reason my tonsils are always getting swollen and might be the cause of the "tonsillitis" I keep getting somewhat frequently

  17. Oh my gosh same here :( do you have redness around your tonsils??

  18. Did you have a sore throat? This initially just hit me out of the blue. But the sore throat on one side has lasted over 2 weeks. Is there something I can do for that?

  19. This is what happened to me! DONT PICK IT. Never bad nodules before until I took accutane but my my skin is amazing now 💕

  20. How long did it take for it to go away? Same thing is happening to me month 3. I’ve been doing warm compress and that seemed to help but this was supposed to be my last month so I’m paranoid

  21. They didn’t go away until end of month 4. Hang in there - it’s horrible I know but my skin is AMAZING now!

  22. My lower back is CLAPPED. I can’t even lay down on my bed, let alone squat at the gym without pretty intense back pain. It’s kinda cool honestly, like how is this pill doing this

  23. I’m in almost the exact same position. I am 6’ 2.5” and started at 165ish. I bulked up to 210ish and still felt small despite my friends calling me huge and my partner telling me I was beefy. I bought a a fixer upper house at the start of the pandemic and all my free time became dedicated to home improvement projects and slowly withered away to about 175.

  24. So glad to know I’m not the only one! That’s my plans too! Maintaining over 220 is going to be so freaking hard though ugh!

  25. I’d keep going as long as you’re still gaining decently and aren’t too fat for your liking.

  26. I really love my body right now. (Albeit still having BDD and feeling small) I obviously wish I was more shredded, but I’m looking better in clothes than ever before and am terrified of losing that “full” look if I cut too soon but obviously don’t want to get fat. Always been super skinny so this is new to me haha

  27. You and I are looking for very similar things. So far, Acqua Di Parma's Fico De Amalfi is my favorite, followed by Acqua Di Parma Essenza, then Hermes Jardin en Mediterranee. Fico De Amalfi I could smell on my skin 12 hours later. Essenza I didn't like the top notes as much but after that it got much better, and when I sweat it smells amazing. Great for summer days.

  28. You’ve helped so much!!! I was nervous to try the Aqua Di Parma because everyone said the whole line smelled like a Christmas candle. It made me sad because that’s the one I wanted to try! Is it worth it?

  29. Everyone's taste is different. Wherever you go, reddit, fragrantica, etc, you'll find people that love and hate the same fragrance. Don't anchor too much on comments of other people. Just do some reading, make a list of 5-10 fragrances that you think are roughly what you're looking for, and buy some 1-2ml samples. If you find you've gone through the entire sample and wish you had more, then that's what you should buy more of.

  30. Do you order your samples online? Can’t find a store that carry’s aqua near me! Might order online

  31. That’s because you’re a shite owner with no clue or patience as to how to raise an animal

  32. ME TOO. I’d love a masculine Lana cologne! It would smell like James Bond lol

  33. Idk, I genuinely feel much more flushed/warm/red and haven’t felt that way before unless I used Niacinamide!!!

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