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  1. We finally got another puke scene. Peaksaw man fr

  2. I gotta hand it to you, these look great! Gonna keep an eye out for what you do next.

  3. Sometimes I have the smart idea of showering immediately after putting on a band-aid and then I end up wondering why it's not sticking anymore.

  4. Seeing all these screenshots makes me want to rewatch the anime again

  5. Ai generated. That’s not hard work that’s a computer

  6. Kaveh sit chibi: expression blank, contemplating life choices, homeless

  7. He can just sit there the entire day and I'd still have my eyes on him.

  8. It so cute! I love how his eyes still look pretty in chibi form.

  9. No problem! I'll do anything for Kaveh.

  10. lmao I just got asked by reddit about which adult contents (below) is discussed in this subreddit. I chose "none of the above", surely there is no adult contents right? Clueless

  11. I stared at the "gambling" option for a solid 10 seconds before selecting "none of the above" lol

  12. no worries pets seem like a good idea ! chibi emotes would be a bit too much for hand embroidery, in any case thanks for taking the time to think about it !

  13. Have you ever built any of the standard 5 stars? For what it is worth, comparing Dehya to Alhaitham is like comparing Dori to Raiden. Less than fair, as hypercarries exist on a different league.

  14. I have every standard character, but I've only built/partially-built Jean, Mona, Keqing, and Tighnari. Of course Dehya is still lvl 70 and some of my builds are whack, but If I were to rank them based on how much dps they roughly do currently, then it would be something like:

  15. i dont understand the appeal of arlecchino, would i be correct in assuming that she is for the kind of people whose favorite characters design wise are characters like eula, raiden, dehya? im more of a kokomi nilou hutao type of person so that could explain why i dont like arlecchino if any of this makes any kind of coherent sense

  16. It's weird how it works, but everyone has their own preferences. Out of the characters you listed, my favourites design wise are actually Hu Tao, Arlecchino, and Dehya, with Nilou close behind as well. I don't really have a type like "mommy", "cute girl", or "daddy" like other people might have. If a character vibes with me instantly in some way then they end up being my favourite.

  17. Obviously we don't know her kit and it's still not 100% confirmed whether she'll be playable, but I might start putting aside some wishes for Arlecchino and her constellations soon. Kinda hyped cause this will likely be the longest amount of time I'll spend saving for any character. The only character I saved up a lot of primos for was C1 Hu Tao + Homa, but I might go even further beyond for my evil queen.

  18. I think Dehya should be top of the list because she gave the whole Genshin playerbase PTSD which is very impactful

  19. Guys, hear me out, I have this insane theory, I don't think anyone else has mentioned it, but what if, and by what if I mean what if, the reason there are no new characters in 3.7 and 3.8, is because, and hear me out ok, what if it's because of Honkai: Star Rail. I know, crazy right? I can't believe nobody else has thought about this but it makes so much sense. Like, the amount of sense it makes is insane. If they do this then they can get more people playing Star Rail on release and hook people on 2 different games. Like, I feel so smart because of this theory I'm actually worried for my well being. It's like I just cracked some secret nuclear code and daddy Hoyoverse is going to come and personally execute me, but like when you think about it, this is the only thing that makes sense, right? Actually now that I think about it, maybe Hoyoverse will personally reward me for uncovering the real reason for the dry patches? Yeah, yeah that sounds about right, hehehe. They're definitely going to reward me for this! Oh boy, I'm heading over to their headquarters right now to get my reward, see you later guys!

  20. I love the new full size drawings you're doing! I would love to see maybe Ookami Mio or Miko Iino in your style.

  21. it's been 2 days but this insect bite still isn't going away smh guess this is it for me 🤷‍♀️

  22. I hope it was a cool bug so when you eventually turn into a super hero you have awesome powers.

  23. Wow, how did you find the first initial draft of my memoir, my lawyers will be in touch /j

  24. I am absolutely okay with anything just give me more Inazuman content, thanks, bye

  25. What are the best Nilou teams without Nahida? I'm planning on pulling for both but Nilou is my first priority so I may end up with not enough wishes for Nahida. I basically have every other dendro character besides her.

  26. Any EM sword is fine or depending on the team you could give her fav

  27. I have a decent selection of EM swords so I'll most likely give one to her. Thanks!

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