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  1. Have you thought about getting a pump? I use to have a lot of lows as well and had some scary ones that made me jump to the tslim. It’s nice knowing that if I’m low I can just disconnect my pump and of course blood sugar will go back up eventually. It’s really erased a lot of my fears with taking insulin.

  2. I have an active job and just put my tslim in exercise mode all day, it ends up keeping me around 120-140 which I’m fine with while at work. I just put back to normal once I’m off.

  3. Yeah I usually go into exercise mode when I'm at work, but I still find my blood sugar dropping after about an hour into my shift.

  4. You might have to create a separate profile for work with a very reduced basal then. I run .33u per hr while working. My nighttime is set to .62u per hr starting at 8pm. Are you still honeymooning?

  5. I just got some of these last week. I went 17x9+22. They clear my pbm coilovers and z32 brakes in the rear. Still waiting on my 5 lugs for the front to mount but it looks like it will be fine. Will have to roll the fenders for sure and run some slight camber in the rear and front. There’s some pics of this exact setup on an s13 hatch on fitment industries if you google it.

  6. Exactly, almost died the other week when my basal was 45 units a day and jumped down to 18 in the span of 3 days of trial and error. I was going down to 50 mg/dl every single hour and had to keep downing everything i could find in my fridge and pantry.

  7. This is exactly why I got on a pump! Hope you’re doing good now !

  8. I’ve never had a really bad low where I had a seizure or was unable to function/help myself, but I’m so nervous about lows that I intentionally run high. I get nervous if I’m dropping below 200, especially if I have even a diagonal down arrow and will often eat or drink something or run a temp basal until I go higher. I know this is terrible, but I can’t seem to stop myself.

  9. I went through a similar thing but after getting a pump my fears are a lot less!

  10. Yeah I figured, I had to go to a pump cause I would have days like this on mdi. Such a pain!

  11. I just got on the tslim last week and my numbers are drastically better. I wish I had done it sooner. I don’t even care being connected to tubing either. It’s amazing to be able to turn down my basal while working since I have a physical job. I use to have to constantly eat all day, now I have way more freedom.

  12. Lol my honeymoon is still happening 6 years later, I recently just got put on nph insulin because taking 3-4 units of toujeo was making me go low. I’m getting a pump soon so I can control the basal easier. My c-peptide was still at 1.9 ng/ml

  13. Oh 1.9? Mine was a .86. What does nph and toujeo mean?

  14. Nph is an old 12 hr insulin that was used a long time ago as a basal. I don’t really recommend it cause it’s a pain in the ass. Toujeo is a 36 hr basal insulin. Eat healthy and lift weights and your honeymoon will last a long time but I think it has a lot to do with how old you are at diagnosis. I was 23.

  15. I have advanced retinopathy and have lost 1 eye to it since DX 3 years ago. I'm at a point where the only treatment option left are injections. I've had enough laser in both eyes that there is nothing left to burn out. However, the left macula has edema and dr wants to try Avastin injections. I'm highly hesitant because Avastin was originally developed for treating cancers and using it for retinopathy is considered "off label". Additionally, I've seen active class-action lawsuits against the company. The claims are the silicon oil in the syringe can contaminate Avastin and potentially cause blindness due to the silicon oil. Since I have the one eye left, I'm worried about potential premature failure, which is what happened with the right eye and the vitrectomy it had almost 2 years ago. Unfortunately, my insurance won't cover other better suited anti-vegf injections at this point.

  16. 23 years. Let's just say I haven't done my best in taking care of it.

  17. Loosing your sight must be scary, wish you the best with your treatments.

  18. Lol I do this with low blood sugar scenarios

  19. Dang that’s rough! You adjust your basal at all?

  20. I used this probably a few years ago it worked for me just fine. I recommend replacing the throw out bearing too if your pulling it.

  21. Hey man don’t really have any tips but that sucks. I’ve been on pens since diagnosis 6 years ago but basal is the trickiest thing for me. Depending on what insulin they give you, you may want to split the doses.

  22. For me the biggest thing is exercise, it makes a world of a difference. It increases your insulin sensitivity a lot making management much easier.

  23. Unfortunately I don’t have any strips. Ever since I got put on a CGM the insurance doesn’t send strips anymore.

  24. That’s absolutely crazy you have no strips. I usually test a couple times a day morning and night finger pricking just to make sure my dexcom is accurate.

  25. What’s specs are those wheels and tires on the hatch?

  26. Both are coupes. But the white cr kais are 17x9 et 17 all around, and gtc's are 17x8.5 et 34 up front and 17x9 et 34 in the rear with 15mm spacers all around

  27. How much was paint? I’m gonna try and get a kit painted to match my color. I haven’t had anything quoted so I’m curious.

  28. What’s the modification for the rear subframe for?

  29. GK tech reinforcement plates w spl arms poly bushings new rear end basically

  30. Also where’d you get all the aero from? I’m trying to get skirts and rear valences for my car as well. Have the bumper and fender extensions already.

  31. Ohh word thought you might have been doing it for a 350z diff or something

  32. It’s probably a vsld. I have one out of a 180sx as well but it has 5 bolt output shafts

  33. Really? I don’t have a subscription and I could click right through. When you get that pop up, you just click out of it.

  34. You’re right, it took a few moments for the X to show up in the upper right hand to close the subscription ad. My bad!

  35. Thank you! Just got into Alice in chains love jar of flies it's my favorite so I'm going to take this comment

  36. You won’t be disappointed, jar of flies is also my favorite Alice In Chains album!

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