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My Dog survived Parvovirus, a dangerous virus that attacks rapidly-dividing cells in a dog's body. I'm so happy about this and wanted to show someone!! (OC)

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  1. Bitter vet staff here. I hope you learned your lesson and will be vaccinating all your future pets. It’s a basic, well known “requirement” of having a dog. Minimal research would have told you this. The fact that I have to hold dying puppies from parvo when it could have easily been prevented for $35/vaccine makes me angry at you. I feel bad for your dog. And this DEFINITELY isn’t a mademesmile post. :disapproval:

  2. Ike was adopted. The previous owners told us Ike had every required vaccine. We are very angry at the previous owners but have not been able to reach them yet. Thank you for caring.

  3. Tbh the The electric company as a whole should be search for, just like with sesame Street, some episodes are missing. And while we’re at it me to find a lost Sesame Street/electric company Special, out to lunch, as well

  4. I looked it up, the synopsis comes from a script that was sold on ebay a few years back.

  5. As well as a high quality Audio of the opening number, and a bit of Barbara Eden song “ I nearly missed the rainbow”

  6. All the downloadable content you have/bought will stay on your account. All you have to do when you put in your new sd card is head over to the eShop and redownload them. BUT screenshots and videos aren't backed up so transfer those over to your interval storage if you want to keep them.

  7. Well each body parts size was determined by specific death due to alcohol. Like how his body represents car crashes, the other different deaths are -Other -Alcoholic Liver Disease -Homicide -Poisoning (Not Alcohol) -Suicide -Liver Cirrhosis -Fall Injuries -Alcohol Poisoning -Low Birth Weight Prematurity -Hemorrhagic Stroke

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