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  1. I mean if I go to a Starbucks on my day off I normally do go to mine for the familiarity and I know my stuff is made 100% right.

  2. Didn’t realize labor was included and still thought it wasn’t too bad for all of that

  3. I loved my leather case on my XS Max but I got one on my 12 max and it was awful. The edge redesign ruined them.

  4. Just know that you may not have a good reference from them afterwards.

  5. Right I do have a second job that is super amazing so I’m not really worried about that 🥲 I’ll have to see if I have courage

  6. You could always just block afterwards and not wait for a response if you’re truly done and all😭

  7. If your mastrena can’t pull 3 shots put a tech ticket in and they’ll come fix it.

  8. I smoked a two year old cart and the only issue was the taste. Not great but still did the trick

  9. Exactly as the sticker says, not my fault if they ordered wrong.

  10. Oh definitely! We moved from nv too pa so our tires ARE NOT ready for this climate😂😂

  11. until they STARE at you from their car in the drivethru and say they saw you do that and want it remade (potentially from previous experience 😀)

  12. If TSA finds it (assuming your American) you could end up with a charge, I don’t know what Mexican authorities might do.

  13. If a bank can loan out 1 billion you’re not touching it for 1 billion

  14. Do they not utilize a GM wiring harness? They still use a GM head unit and emissions system. My understanding is that the only changes were front seats and an added third party Bluetooth audio device. Otherwise it’s an off the shelf MY12 Griffin.

  15. This was my understanding as well and I’m now very intrigued at the idea of a non GM NG 9-3.

  16. Well are they addressed to you? If they’re addressed to you and you prove you’re you they should just give it to you?

  17. yes, and u would think it would work like that, but it doesn't lol

  18. Tbh I would just have them hold it at the store and go in with ID. If they still give you an issue contact the company that shipped you the products.

  19. If you ask me to layer a frap you’re getting whip at the bottom because that’s what I was told that means

  20. The foam, but the iPad says both the drink and foam, which I think is way to much

  21. Uhhh no. The foam is made with cinnamon dolce syrup, I would recheck the Ipad.

  22. I had to check this, because why are they calling it cinnamon caramel cream cold foam WHEN ITS JUST CINNAMON DOLCE FOAM. so fucking dumb gotta love starbucks

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