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  1. Learning the fretboard was the single most important thing I learned as a guitarist.

  2. Practice connecting chord tones through a progression. Root to root, 3rd to 3rd, 5th to 5th 7th to 7th. Then try connecting different chord tones through a progression, like 3 to 5, 7 to 3 etc

  3. I pick a chord and try different voicing options and I pick my favorite

  4. It's illegal. I have reported you the music theory police and they will be arresting you shortly.

  5. Accelerando is the term for gradually speeding up the tempo and rallentando and ritardando are the terms for gradually slowing down the tempo.

  6. It couldn't be covered in just a single comment. There's lots of books on jazz harmony that cover the material in a really accessible way.

  7. My girlfriend wants to know if you'd like to meet a dolphin (she's a dolphin trainer)

  8. Guitar is both more accessible and less accessible at the same time. Its more accessible because you can easily memorize and transpose visual patterns through all twelve keys just by moving up and down the neck.

  9. The modes actually pre-date tonal functional harmony, so I think it's a mistake think of them as being derivative of the major scale (such as saying D dorian is just C major), especially because the pitch hierachy operates different in each scale.

  10. Every musical device is a "gimmick", with their own unique emotional effects. That's like saying dominant chords are just a gimmick.

  11. I can't stand for this. I paid $251 USD for the Beatoff Book and within five easy installments of physical and psychological abuse I taught my son to have perfect pitch. He resents me and hates music of all forms, but at least I can roll him out in front of dinner guests to show off like a shiny trinket. Rick Beato is a saint!

  12. That kids an idiot! Shouldn’t someone have given him lion 101? “Don’t look an apex predator in the eyes dummy!”

  13. I actually work regularly with tiger trainers, and when I first was around the tigers I asked if I should avoid making eye contact with the tigers and they specifically said that a tiger is more likely to attack if they think you aren't looking (element of surprise and all that) so in that instance it was better to make eye contact, but it could be totally different for lions. Tigers are solitary animals while lions are highly social.

  14. I'm gonna go against the grain here and say that your daughter should not use a capo to play open chords because that's not part of the jazz idiom and if she's going to play jazz guitar, she should learn to do it right, otherwise what's the point?

  15. Why is f# implied?? Is it because of the tritone formed between 4^ and 7^ ? If I saw Cdelta13 I’d play an f natural

  16. Because of how jazz musicians think about extended chords. Classic jazz harmonic sensibilities dictate that available extensions on any given chord must be at least a major second above a fundamental chord tone (1 3 or 5) any extensions a minor 9th above a fundamental chord tone are considered undesirable dissonances (with the exception of dominant chords)

  17. Sounds like the core of the sound is something like a unison saw wave, downward pitch modulation with a relatively fast attack, and delay. Should get you pretty close

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