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  1. Obviously the ice cream shop is so well known someone placed a camera there mounted on a permanent tripod and goes and takes pictures whenever it updates at the same time of day with the during the same kind of weather.

  2. I’m the guy that takes these photos mostly from the same angle as I turn the corner around after ordering and then crop to roughly the same size. Just a construction worker with a development across the street the last few years, but a happy customer who everyone knows as “that Reddit guy” now

  3. Zimonze: first letters spells CHIPS

  4. Kid gets a tootsie roll under his pillow

  5. Democrats want to various forms of gun control and increased mental health support.

  6. This among other things gestures broadly is why I realized that I am not a conservative or Republican despite my general desires to be conservative in how fast we change things.

  7. He appears to be in the dugout. I’ll need to check which one. He might be putting on a mustache and sunglasses, says he has “no idea who Juan Soto is” keeps calling himself John Solo now. Stay tuned.

  8. This is the only correct answer lol

  9. She also eats football players, in talking about her latest meal she described the delicacy as “New man on the Minnesota Vikings”


  11. 44.83893031618898, 14.8232652363434

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