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  1. If they're from the same package and are otherwise the same in all ways except for color, then I would agree

  2. That’s the only album with like a real photo right

  3. Technically, the vulture on Trench is a real photo too. It's just heavily edited

  4. I think a good example of what a real man is like would be Jake Sully from Avatar 2

  5. Green is the color of the Bandito's Jackets (or camo but same difference) and we also see a lot of moss and other greenery during the scenes that take place in Trench

  6. My headcanon is that Chara is a traumatized kid who came from a shitty home-life before they fell into the underground . . . which itself was a suicide attempt

  7. They would kill the humans anyway though. That was literally their plan: kill six humans

  8. Yeah I know, but that was more a matter of practicality because . . . well, that's kind of just how the barrier works

  9. I love party lights and party lasers and casinos and fairs but those damn florescent lights give me migraines.

  10. Apparently, it's Tyler's favorite film from what I've heard (Josh's favorite being Fight Club)

  11. Also, the music video for My Blood is basically what you'd get if you smashed both movies together into one short film

  12. Tbh, I'm really not of a fan of the beanie and green sweatpants look

  13. At most, I'd expect a new single. Kind if like Heathens or Level of Concern

  14. i reckon that it will cycle back around to the start of either the jumpsuit video or hds. that would be the perfect ending.

  15. There was literally a quote from HeavyDirtySoul on their very blurryface-esque merch at their most recent concert in chille

  16. I'm pretty sure you could recreate the same effect by just removing a bunch of tracks for a few measures and then slowly fading them back in

  17. I think of the paint as a symbol of blurryface’s/the bishops’ control over Tyler. My main evidence behind this is the jumpsuit MV and lyrics

  18. It's also explained in one of Clancy's letters that the Bishops "smear" people who break the rules, and it's implied that's what happened to Tyler in the Jumpsuit video

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