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  1. President can’t get me any ass 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. How do you know that 🤨. Full loyalty is more than you think.

  3. I would skip high school if I was given a bag of cheetos

  4. You had the chance to change destiny, but you chose this. YOU CHOSE THIS!! Why would you choose this? This isn’t what we wanted. BUT THIS IS WHAT YOU GAVE US!! Why? You had so much power, but you wasted it. On what? A joke about butts. I am disappointed ouija. I really am.

  5. Are you hosting a punching event? Cause I’d get in that line 😉

  6. I devote my life to pressing it, but I only press it when they are least expecting it.

  7. Shoot yourself in the head. Another plus is that this cures any other diseases you had as well.

  8. But mostly you lose when they are better than you.

  9. as long as you sleep for more than 5 hours a day option 3 is an easy win

  10. You can’t sleep. That counts as doing something.

  11. You could technically say the same thing about breathing

  12. I guess that would be a bad deal if you wanted to get that technical.

  13. It’s not satisfying cause one of the balls was supposed to fall into the glass.

  14. You should just get a bike if it’s not a problem. It’s healthier and cheaper (I think).

  15. Why did you keep changing what the colors were for? I kinda get why, but it’s kind of annoying.

  16. We didn’t get that much in the first place. It wasn’t supposed to be a steady source of bling or star points anyways

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