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  1. Thanks for the worthwhile addition to the discussion.

  2. Yeah, according to the back label all three casks were cellar aged in France.

  3. Sorry for the late reply! Glencarin is superior. I found that I picked up more ethanol on the nose with the snifter.

  4. This edition was finished for three years in refill Malbec barriques from the De Toren Private Cellar in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

  5. Nice review. Just curious. What alternative to this is $120?

  6. I think Laphroaig Cairdeas is probably a better value alternative.

  7. Nice review! WT 101 is the peak of budget bourbons imo.

  8. Yeah, I seem to remember these going for around $40 when I first starting getting into reviewing. Now that they’re $60, I just can’t think of other $60 bottles these High Wests can compete with.

  9. I assume the plastic cup is either because it’s at a wedding or you’re the most brilliant troll on

  10. It was in the groom’s hotel room the morning before the wedding. It was all that was available, so the choice was pappy in plastic or nothing. I suppose it probably wasn’t the best reviewing environment, but I honestly thought I’d never get the chance to try it in the first place.

  11. Kilkerran Heavily Peated (Batch #4)

  12. Trader Joe’s Mannochmore 14 Years Old, Single Cask

  13. High West Double Rye, Syrah Finish Barrel Select, for Nugget Market

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