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  1. I’m a tax intern rn, while others talking about busy season, I have very few work to do and I’m getting anxious about it. My internship is almost halfway over and I dont think I learn anything. any advices or encouragement? :(((

  2. Dunkin’ donut: iced coffee with caramel swirl and cream. Simple but delicious and cheap

  3. I was at POS this morning and noticed more Customers giving tips with this new thing which is pretty good tho

  4. Omg, what you feel is almost like mine. I work at Starbucks for about two months now and it’s just exhausted after every shift. I’m thinking putting my 2 week notice.

  5. I’ve been rejected more than 10 times now and I get used to it, haha. Just keep on applying.

  6. Was you solo tripping? I really want to road trip by myself but do not dare still.

  7. For me, it was like casual conversation. They asked me why EY and then the conversation from there. Most time of the interview was for me to ask them questions. Ps. I applied for audit assurance intern position and got offered two weeks after my interview.

  8. How did you prepare for the interview? And how did you answer the “tell me more about yourself” question? Did you only mention your personal background, or did you also sprinkle in some personal stuff (e.g. hobbies/interests, etc.)?

  9. Tbh I didn’t prepared much. Just did some research about the company and it’s clients. The interview was just simple conversation. No tricky questions.

  10. I got a rejected email look just like yours right after I applied. I just moved on and are looking for other companies 🤷‍♀️

  11. Sometimes I wonder if Tax folks are part of the problem of making the rich, richer 🤣

  12. Just Keep applying for any intern position like tax or audit either local or large firm. Don’t lose your hope.

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