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  1. Hunting isn't that ethical. Especially for entertainment. Handguns are understandable tho.

  2. Hunting is unethical? Well I can definitely tell you that a hunter’s venison came from a much better place than your Big Mac.

  3. If it's sensible. Unlike US's.

  4. Just wait until sex robots get even just a bit more realistic. OnlyFans and shit like that and nudie bars will be rarer at least with actual people. Will be real niche like flat chested granny porn in the 90's lol. The whole dating dynamic would change too. I know people only think of virgin nerds with like sexbots but it would be all types of people eventually in reality. A companion that you find attractive and is programmed to love you just as you want to be loved, hard to compete with that and I could actually see it being more women at least with the harder attachment than men.

  5. Atheists when God punishes evil: “WTF?! Isn’t God supposed to be merciful?”

  6. A lot of redditors are going to move to the Netherlands now

  7. Another fun fact about Harvey Kellogg was that he thought that jetting yogurt into someone's anus was good for them.

  8. If it looks like a good game, then buy it. Don’t let the guilt by association bullshit detractors parade around get in the way of having fun.

  9. What tax from pribyslavitz? Didnt divish make everyone that moves there tax exempt for 5 years?

  10. Judging by how you make money off the town, it was probably Divish doing a little trollin’.

  11. Heaven's Eyes, The Plagues, When You Believe and Deliver Us: are we a joke to you?

  12. He means the lyrics are mid, I think, but I don't think that's much better.

  13. We learn morals through fairytales all the time as kids, the Bible is no different.

  14. Even then, I’d be really concerned if anyone tried to learn morality from Greek mythology given all the bullshit their gods do and what the Ancient Greeks thought was okay.

  15. I noticed. I'm never using meme generator for these table memes ever again.

  16. Progressivism: "Be tolerant of everyone (unless they don't glorify my hedonism)!"

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