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ALL I DID WAS KICK HER OUT OF THE OFFICE TO ATTEND A COUPLE OF MEETINGS (Please pardon my language, I was legitimately in shock and even somewhat impressed)

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  1. Check for the lightning mod of turboHUD. I had the same problem with the version you are using. But this works fine. It’s from a Chinese website.

  2. im a kr server inquistor 45000+ player. to put it short i reccomend mistress heres why

  3. Thanks thats exactly what I was looking for! I couldn't really gauge damage very well just beating up on the one monster in the training room, and yeah i really did like the inquisitor fire aspect of her character and its a shame that she is apparently lacking damage. Mistress felt more fluid to me with her skills and I was probably going to go with her anyway but this is definitely the info I needed!

  4. There is a penalty, your ads is slowed on every weapon.

  5. 47/170 shoot house has been good to me this time around

  6. 25/73... it was a lobby right after grinding the shield and launchers to gold, lol.

  7. Man you people are crazy. This was supposed to be something to unlock naturally over 2-3 years and you blew through it in a matter of weeks.

  8. It's just something to grind for, I wanted to be one of the first to get it. And I still have to get 1000 kills with every weapon so it's not like I'm done with everything haha Orion was just the beginning

  9. Hey I have a question, can you complete dlc guns poly challenge directly or you have to get gold and plat first?

  10. There was a bug in the game that let you do that but it's patched so yeah you have to do the gold and platinum challenge before the poly

  11. Recently the game has gotten really stable for me, multiplayer has next to no technical issues on my pc. Warzone is where I get most of my crashes/bugs to appear. I think the game is worth it, yes its sweaty. Yes, controller aim assist is still crazy. Hit reg really hasnt been much of a problem for me compared to past years, and the spawns are... well... CoD. If you like cod, buy it. I bet you they have a holiday sale on steam.

  12. Could be an image sharpening or a DLSS issue if you're using that

  13. It still tracks your longshots even though it says you haven't completed all of them, not sure if it unlocks after though I haven't gotten enough to test it.

  14. Deranking and then camping in a corner for streaks playing against bots obviously lol

  15. Cool i can get that shit to by joining and quitting games till i get a bot game only to camp for streaks. Whats this prove?

  16. I think DMZ is great, there's a lot of missions to do. You just make your own fun with it really, its not exactly tarkov but its different enough from MP and Warzone to make it its own fun little mode. You can risk it all and stay as long as you want, or get quick wins completing one mission at a time and extract. The gamemode isnt for everyone but I can tell you I'm having a blast. It's up to preference really. I hope they add in more long term goals though.

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