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After close to 10 years of working in the food industry, I just purchased a convenient store that I’m gonna turn into a Brick oven Pizza restaurant! WISH ME LUCK!

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  1. It's a patron branded jigger that they sent out as a bar kit promotion. Included in the kit was a stirring spoon with a bee at the top, a bee shaped hawthorn strainer, this jigger with the bee branded band (you can also see it in the pic), and I think other other item but I can't remember. As far as 'swag' goes it was pretty slick, but definitely not of premium quality.

  2. Part of the buyers agreement was I wouldn’t sell convenience items (other than chips, cookies, drinks) ! The former owner was reluctant to sell due to him owning 2 other stores in town and not wanting competition! I was ok with that, and he gave me a sweet deal!

  3. There would still be a statute of limitations on how long you'd be reasonably unable to sell convenience items. The man can't control what you can and can't sell forever. Those statues generally last a max of 18 months in most states. Just food for thought...

  4. Looks nice and clean. I don’t think I would enjoy your drink menu though based on this setup.

  5. Would you use the walnut bitters in addition to oe instead of ango? (For the Old Fashioned specifically. We don't have oranges at my bar so I brought in orange bitters. What about a dash of both those and almond?)

  6. I would not use them in place of Ango, as I'd argue Ango is a necessity for a delicious classic old fashioned. I think when people order an old fashioned, they arent looking for an overly complex cocktail, but more as a way to elevate the flavors already present within the spirit through a little sugar and bitters.

  7. Giving a bonus is nice and all.... but do they not realize how silly $5k looks on one of those huge checks.

  8. I concur all around and I think the biggest hangup for people is the publicity/fanfare about the dollar amount. I'm glad she is being recognized, they are also lucky to have such a dedicated and skillful chef working for them, but fuck me. Making a giant check for 5k and being proud of this amount...

  9. "Gayle Dudley, a longtime employee at a LongHorn Steakhouse in Georgia, was recognized as a ‘Grill Master Legend’ for grilling 1 million steaks in her time with the company. The restaurant chain claims that only 14 employees have earned that title, including Dudley, according to a statement shared with CNN.

  10. Ive been looking for an inner ceramic thermos for awhile, as metal ones have always imparted an off flavor and were incredibly frustrating to clean out. This is a relatively new product from a company that I've purchased from before, so I knew the quality would be worth the added expense.

  11. I would like the flair “fuck off”. Is that an option? ;)

  12. It’s called service bar. If someone at my rail orders it, I make it in front of them. If table 21 all the way across the room orders it, I use the prebatch. You’re not smarter than everyone else. Most of us have thought of everything you’re saying.

  13. If any guest ever makes an offhanded comment about a kegged cocktail or anything (or refer to the price in comparison) i politely tell them that the preparation that went into the cocktail far exceeds the time they'd be willing to wait for me to mix it in front of them.

  14. After 14 years in the industry, I’m one year into my first place that has kitchen beer on the menu. It’s mostly just a compliment and a way to help pay for our shift beers. But I’ll never forget, one night had a kitchen beer print up. Typically no big deal, doesn’t happen all the time, but always nice to see you’re appreciated. Upon second glance, quantity modifier, 40. Dude apparently liked it so much he paid for 40 kitchen beers. The very next day, ticket comes back for two items, each a kitchen beer. This time each had a quantity modifier of 25 a piece. Same fucking guy. In two days he decided yeah, 90 kitchen beers seems like a decent deal for the peeps in the back.

  15. Idk man, that sounds like a bench clearing ticket to me. Id have had the kitchen meet that man so he knew that extra pepperoni would be on his pizza from then on

  16. Finally a video without sliding eggs 😂😂

  17. Heard from our distro guy that the cartel has been interfering with both lime and Avocado farms and that they had destroyed and delayed a lot of shipments which is why the prices are so high

  18. They are all cask strength releases. But it's still inflated priced over marketing fluff. That being said, there is definitely a price I'm willing to pay for cask strength Talisker or Lagavulin. The Talisker is not horribly overpriced, the rest kinda is..

  19. Wow! Wouldn’t it be great that if you are doing a promotion like this you would have the stickers available? I also took time on Sunday to do this and ran into the same issue. That was it for me. I tossed my stuff in the garbage. Sorry!

  20. Yeah, Im getting pretty frustrated with this whole bucks promotion in general. Im not sure it was as lucrative or popular as they thought itd be?

  21. I’d love to trade. I have extras of the ones from Humboldt, Lakefront and Bay View.

  22. For non scotch drinkers the easiest entry will be Auchentaushen American Oak and honestly any of their bottles will do the trick. They are pretty tame all around but still have some nice characteristics from the barrel that won't bore someone who is used to drinking whiskey.

  23. Is this why i don't like brisket? I've cooked it twice and the second time was considerably better, but.. man, it's a hard mistake to swallow

  24. Newb bartender here (7 months) having trouble cutting a regular off. I slow him down but he is very persistent and spends a lot of money. He will not drink water ever.

  25. As others have said, over serving can cause you to be put at blame if/when an accident occurs (behind the wheel or not). A good defense attorney will instantly throw you under the bus because you were looking for an extra buck that night. If that regular wants to keep drinking there are other places he can do so that won't impact your paycheck. Get a backbone and don't back down.

  26. Question: I get the whole "keep your espresso station in the living room/dining room thing, but how do you clean it without immediate access to a sink and running water? I mean, I have to clean my portafilter at least after every second shot. How do you do it?

  27. For me, my living room blends into the kitchen so it's like a 8 ft walk to the kitchen for a sink and garbage, which if you've waited long enough, won't allow enough time for espresso to drip from the filter. Our kitchen has incredibly limited counter space, too, so no real option

  28. Based. This man is correct. And if you learn basic flair, nothing special just shit like thumb rolls that you can turn into second nature, and you also learn how to provide the best service to the best customers on a consistent basis, you'll be formidable. I always recommend being "The guy" to that mid to late 20's single guy with lots of money and who has a new girl every other night. That was me a few years ago. I literally just gave the bartender my card after a while because I was addicted to the Irish good bye and had to go figure it out on sunday mornings. But I did that because they let me bring a new girl in every couple days and were able to not fuck it up for me by asking stupid questions, while simultaneously helping me enjoy my date by letting us get drinks the second we walked into an overpacked bar on a saturday night.

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