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  1. I can definitely see that. Though given enough time, you may go from one to the other. When we first moved to Virginia in 1992, we moved to a little town called Stuarts Draft, and we were clearly transplants. However, with passage of thirty years, my family is now a part of the town, and we're definitely not transplants anymore. My sister and I have both moved away, but my parents are still there, and plenty of people around town still know me, so it's not uncommon to see someone that I know, like from school, when I'm visiting.

  2. I live relatively close to Stuarts Draft. I generally don't think this area is unaccepting of imports they just expect you to understand the program pretty quickly lol.

  3. So I guess Kiera isn't even get a short push to make you think she could win at Revolution? Feels weird to just drop her into multiman matches she'll probably lose

  4. With Jade, TK is just obsessed with her being unbeatable.

  5. I just can't believe we haven't hit a year yet this title reign has felt like forever.

  6. WoW is a spiritual Successor to GLOW and other female promotions like it. Been off and on for about two decades now. Current one just started recently with AJ Lee I believe doing commentary or at the very least being backstage at production

  7. I mean maybe but juniors have definitely been booked different post Nosawa exit.

  8. Funny thing is the rumours I’ve heard say THAT’S what he’s still booking. But I admit: the Heavyweight scene is similar but the Jr scene is the same. Honestly I’d be more considering the possibility of Marufuji having more booking power.

  9. I mean you would think Suigura or Marafuji would be ahead of Kashin or Nosawa to book the shows to begin with.

  10. I have to imagine they drove many of the originals away. Hard to think Hogan to the same group as Bruno.

  11. The reality is Jamie Hayter needs challengers and they've never done a Shida vs Hayter singles match before. Shida's one of their better workers who theoretically has a compatible style with Hayter, and Shida's actually had tag victories over teams Hayter's been a part of, so they should do the singles match.

  12. I understand if you want to build her up but I think doing smaller stories would be much more effective then throwing a title defense of a company and title most of the audience won't know.

  13. "Smaller stories" would just mean doing the same matches but without the title.

  14. Yes doing stories people will like instead of titles people don't know about

  15. Brock in TNA feels like it would have been a legitimate game changer. Unlike the other WWE world champs who were past his prime he was arguably just hitting it physique wise around this time. Brock could have elevated that company like Angle and Christian did.

  16. Regal is a man that likes to teach and pass his knowledge to young talent. In Performance center everybody listened to him.

  17. Ye the fact him and Danielson were reportedly doing in ring sessions for training and the only young guy who reportedly decided to keep showing up was Yuta says a lot.

  18. What an utterly baffling management decision

  19. Holy shit we could’ve got Brock Lesnar vs Monty Brown? Can you imagine?

  20. Monty was gone by the time they wanted him. Pretty sure it was 07/08 when this would have been discussed.

  21. Bray vs LA Knight at the Rumble. Bray vs Uncle Howdy (Bo) at Mania is my guess. Personally I would have had them suspend Bray in storyline due to people thinking he attacked LA Knightfor a couple weeks. Instead of what they did last night which was basically just tread water till the next major story beat.

  22. Does that mean as part of the WWE universe, I am canon too??

  23. Yes but as a shapeless blob who's best friend is Mark

  24. I remember it was the other way around, Mio was a far more popular wrestler until the smuggling thing with her boyfriend came out. Like I didn’t even know that Shirai and Evil were married way after her Nxt heel turn.

  25. I don't know where you're heard they were married to my knowledge there's not anything saying it. Just rumors they were dating.

  26. It’s not about Roman losing momentum, it’s about the other guy’s coronation being completely spoiled. How can the champion for nearly 1000 days by then NOT lose the titles in the main event of WrestleMania (because that’s night two, not night one)?

  27. How is it spoiled. He ends the night as champion. He's main eventing WrestleMania and winning the world title in front of 100s of thousands of people

  28. He ends the night as champion, but not WrestleMania. Roman passing the torch down should be our last impressions of WrestleMania 39, instead of it being punctuated by a now-lessened clash with the Rock.

  29. Night 1 is not a halfway point it's a separate night

  30. Before you unnecessarily showed animal abuse. Mongolian Wrestling is a traditional combat that was being fought ever since Genghis Khan. It's a traditional combat and the people doing it I doubt are looking for other fighting or wrestling jobs. If you want wrestlers from the steppe then pay attention to Kazakhstan wrestler Oleg Boltin from New Japan.

  31. I would say expect Sheamus & Drew vs Usos there. I expect Sheamus and Drew to be in the rumble so I could see that being a big title match there at the event.

  32. Roman losing this 700+ day reign at some PPV not named WrestleMania or SummerSlam doesn't make sense.

  33. CM Punk vs Kevin Owens is the obvious one I feel. Obviously Punk vs Roman for a marquee match. Punk vs Waller could also be a good one for a feud to elevate him. Punk vs LA Knight. Basically any feud with a good talker.

  34. CM Punk vs Kevin Owens is the obvious one I feel. Obviously Punk vs Roman for a marquee match. Punk vs Waller could also be a good one for a feud to elevate him. Punk vs LA Knight. Basically any feud with a good talker.

  35. Santos shoots himself like a missle. I mean Kairi still has one of the best elbow drops if we consider that common.

  36. Santos has made his career from his dive. Go back and watch him as King Cuerno in LU

  37. I know I watched Lucha Underground when it was still on Netflix lol

  38. Are we just opening up hardcore/deathmatch wrestling on here. I mean if we are this hardly is scratching the surface of dumb bs they do.

  39. This was used for awhile on this sub. Somehow Shane McMahon ended up being the lineal champ for tons of things

  40. "I didn't think he wanted me to share" proceeds to share.

  41. Wait why is this a preorder? I bought this at best buy a long time ago.

  42. New Distributor. Probably also going to distribute the upcoming sequel Phantom Fury as well if I had to guess.

  43. It’s a late response but TBF NOAH had like… no Gajin this time last year and Mack has gotten really over.

  44. Ye that's understandable but New Japan did and they also didn't put many on the show.

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