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  1. Lol I just saw this on Facebook! Beautiful van I have a 93 G30

  2. Lol all those songs are stuck deep down in my brainstem wayyyy down there, They only come out when they are triggered, like some kind of sleeper cell, but dammit if I don't know every word. It is amazing how much you can subconsciously retain, lol.

  3. The couple of times that my rat Scooter has been able to escape from her cage, she wokeme up by cleaning my face. Lol

  4. New account posting a supposed link to a supposed UHC website. As a United Healthcare member and an independent IT security specialist I am interested in protecting the folks here on this sub and as far as I can reach. I may not be a mod in this sub, however there are too many vulnerable people that are on this sub that could be desperate enough to click on any link in a message that says free help. IF you are a UHC worker you don't belong posting links on random subs and subs like this to advertise services. UHC doesn't pay people to post links or spam places with them.

  5. Panhandle then! Idk where you are but holding a sign that says "Good Vibes" or something to brighten a passerbys day could land you a decent chunk of cash. It's not a long term solution but closed mouth don't get fed my dude. If you have to just walk up to random people and ask them for help getting a hotel room. Be fearless

  6. This is good advice Never hurts to put yourself out there I have had amazing results

  7. 360 pieces of candy purchased in preparation with prior years running 320-328 kids expected. We Ran out at 7:30 and saw another 50ish kids, maybe some were trying to scam - but we generally tell them that we have to extend for everybody.

  8. Any car that requires 8 suns to lead it into the night, blinding everyone around them so asshole Mr.Magoo can drive his fat ass to sonic for another shake.

  9. This guy put it into words perfectly The only way for me to make rent is to work 12 hour days every single day Every.Fucking.Day.

  10. As an american you guys have a lot of options, moving to cheaper places for example.

  11. A washcloth and some water can be pretty refreshing, just dont clean your bits before your face...unless you are into that sort of thing lol

  12. Having hot water on demand is a morale booster for sure. Ive got a couple of these burners, Ive been using them alot this month because I am in ground zero for ian impact

  13. I went into psychosis a few times For a long time I thought I was being gang stalked by a small town, the free masons/illuminati. I thought all the people I interacted were aliens/demons in disguise. I also thought My life was being broadcasted to higher dimensions as a form of entertainment. I got into the occult and things took a turn for the worse.

  14. Dont ever be afraid to offer kindness Sometimes you just gotta rely on your gut feeling

  15. i bought gloves to an older panhandler who looked just like Santa Claus, he was so kind and appreciative. It was really cold out.

  16. Well I guess it makes sense now as to why I am seeing yachts washed up near the bridge on 41 Fucking wild Thank God we didnt get much flooding in North fort myers Just awful wind that tore houses apart

  17. I have to either work, or use PTO. They won't pay us for not showing up to work during a possible cat 3 hurricane. Even IF we have power! Incredible.

  18. I dont know. Maybe we should hit them up on social media and ask them why they think its a good idea to stay open during a spiraling mass of death blowing everything away /causing 7-12 ft storm surges. Im going to lock the fucking doors and hide in the office and eat their food and drink their soda. Fucking assholes. Fortunately we aren't supposed to get impacted until tomorrow late morning. Maybe by then they will get their heads dislodged from their blown out assholes

  19. My mom is Atlantic side of Florida, works in a large PUBLIC grocery store.

  20. You mean in 5 years of talking yall never ran into eachother at the family reunions?!

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