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  1. Yeah I genuinely think reading code is harder than writing it! Definitely a distinct skill, too.

  2. Been doing uni work all day so having a rest is important. What are you studying?

  3. Ooo nice, I am indeed. I studied Computer Science too :)

  4. I've knocked a whopping 8.something seconds off my chuckie egg speed run so happy with that.

  5. I've replayed it fairly recently and it holds up...Kind of.

  6. I've ordered a new rucksack to the amazon locker in town as I'm here for work during the week.

  7. I couldn't be bothered to make a sandwich at home so popped across to the independent baked goods place near work to grab something.

  8. It's me birthday today so there's that. Downside is I have to go into the office today but at least it's in central London so I can go somewhere that isn't nandos is nice for lunch.

  9. I've started the grind for Speedrunning potty pigeon on the c64

  10. It was bloody freezing in the house this morning ! I'd forgotten I'd opened the window a bit to get some air circulating yesterday and hadn't closed it, d'oh.

  11. The retro place I went to earlier was a little disappointing compared to last time I went although there was a boxed zx81 and a few boxed Amiga games.

  12. I've dragged myself out of the house which is a rarity at the weekend.

  13. This week has been the week of wobbles. I realised I'd been for getting to take vit d tablets but my mood is still shifting up and down at the drop of a hat.

  14. Damn work getting in the way of the fun stuff grumble grumble

  15. I've got Keeping up appearances on. Perfect Sunday viewing.

  16. I've played about with opencv and it's so geekily cool.

  17. Ah now that would be cool, only tangentially related, but that reminds me of a video of someone using different learning algorithms to play Trackmania (racing game - fundamentally simple mechanics but high skill ceiling) - fascinating stuff.

  18. I think it was a YouTuber called sendex who did a whole series similar to what you said but with gta v driving.

  19. Yeah I remember that too.

  20. To give python it's due, getting opencv running for it has been so straight forward compared to c++.

  21. Layercake's ending was thankfully saved by Matthew Vaughn. The producers wanted Daniel Craig to ride off into the sunset (you can see this on YouTube) but Vaughn went behind their back, filmed the scene of him being shot, ran it by a test audience and used that instead.

  22. The layer cake ending is perfect. It has so much more impact for being so unexpected after all the cleverness in setting up his get out.

  23. Didnt Games Master run loads of cheats on the screen at the end of the TV show ? You had to record it, pause, write it down and hoped it worked! 😅

  24. I've been playing chuckie egg on the speccy a lot trying to beat my time.

  25. I spent many hours playing that game as a youngster. Does playing on an emulator count or does it need to be system specific?

  26. I officially have a Speedrunning world record on

  27. I think i did good enough on my exam yesterday and now have a couple of weeks break until next term.

  28. I've got my end of term exam for statistics in a bit so a bit nervous but also feel like I've done a lot of prep so shouldn't (famous last words) be too bad.

  29. I've done the weekly mould clean up, added more features to my led matrix library, and a fair bit of time doing practise exams.

  30. No work tomorrow so just exam practise and a workout planned.

  31. Friday evening is my evening off uni work and programming so once I get out of day job i shall be mostly playing IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey.

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