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  1. My dad is also named James and he’s considered the favorite uncle 🤣 this was sweet!

  2. This article is pure garbage 🗑️there’s nothing "survivalist" about it like I feel like someone wrote this as a joke.

  3. This is a tough one. As a trainer, I often tried to help coworkers work through answering their own questions. So a ‘what do you think’ might be me trying to get you to work me through your thought process. ‘I think it goes here because it’s this type of chart, but I’m questioning that because of x.’ Your question might show a gap in training or it actually might show a higher level of understanding where a new question has arisen. It also helps to see when it might be good to take off the training wheels.

  4. That’s definitely something I’d take in consideration. I just ask to be thorough especially since I’m working in healthcare I just don’t want to assume and be told wrong later.

  5. 320* yesterday was also my last day! If only we were treated better we would have stayed. I loved my team despite all of this other crap.

  6. No, I work at UCLA it’s real all staff and faculty were notified about the situation and it just across the street from my department.

  7. Unfortunately, I do not know admissions is not my department or expertise. Best of luck to you though!

  8. There’s plenty of minors where I work, but guess one of the reasons it’s cuz of the scheduling. My manager literally said last week that she can’t take on any minors. Considering they don’t fit the work schedule that our location needs. Most of the adults work the morning shift at my location. Not many over 18+ are closers.

  9. I just Taco Bell yesterday and that made this even more hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 but he’s made several points.

  10. I just wish a had a vehicle as much as I appreciate having my legs I’m tired of walking everywhere and taking public transportation.

  11. Yes, I found my Birthday Twin and I also just turned 23 as well!!! Happy Birthday to us 💕 you’ll be alright may your wishes come true!

  12. Yeah my sister is literally screaming and yelling how much it stinks wether we’re in public or not. Our dad is the smoker in the family and it’s even more funny.

  13. My dad Gf oldest son did the same BS to his mom and she no clue until it was too late. She shopping for food at the grocery store and her card kept declining. He started with small charges for months. And ofc she had zero clue and slowly, but surely he started triple and quadrupling his purchases he was 14 years old at the time.

  14. 19.22 barista started nov 2021 at 15.25 edit: I work at a licensed University location in Ontario Canada. Full time (36.15 hr/week)

  15. Dang I started Sept 2021 at $16.25 now I’m ago at $17.55 last time I checked was like 2 months lemme go check again 🤣 good for you! 👏🏾

  16. It’s going to leave a gross oil slick on everything 😭

  17. Same here it’s so exhausting and unfulfilling (well some days). Like everyday I’m shocked that this is my current state of life. I wonder what it’s like to when things are actually looking up. I also feel like there’s not enough time in the day and work takes the most time!

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