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  1. The somehow-an-adult-hood dream has come true!

  2. Doing good on the pick em so far

  3. Next out was guest announcer Jordan Castle, who introduced disgraced former podiatrist Dr. Ben Krantz, flanked by Royce Isaacs and “Spoonman” Mike Mishler.

  4. They dropped the bag by not dropping the bag

  5. Bischoff is as grey as a ghost, while Vince is a literal specter

  6. Theory is the Dominik Mysterio of the Wrestling family

  7. Booker calling him the Cardio Kid was awesome

  8. Interesting choice to do his entrance in RealPlayer

  9. So this is why they were building that giant Ouija Board

  10. A catch that would make Miz proud

  11. She cut through that huddle like a hot knife through butter

  12. "You stay away from Reese's Puffs, you deabeat!"

  13. Love is a ladder piggyback. Just like when Rhyno did it for his one and only Christian.

  14. HOF's make strange seatfellows

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