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  1. Our variety of bread is like so sugary! If you look at contents of things with the same name, ours is undoubtedly more full of shit

  2. Does this imply Godzilla shrunk to Jesus size or Jesus grew to Godzilla size?

  3. Would you rather be attacked by one godzilla-sized Jesus or 100 Jesus-sized godzillas

  4. That purse looks like it’s about to complain that SpongeBob forgot to put pickles on his Krabby Patty

  5. Will Trump be a bionic person or a head in a jar? Can his head fit in a jar?

  6. Why can’t it be both? Loved the food but the food hated me … ringing the bell 🔔

  7. The Grinch is a derogatory term for him. He is an outsider for being different than the whos and eventually after being called that enough, he began to identify with it as well.

  8. Life just makes it hard to keep it the same as it once was. When you’re younger, a best friend feels forever. There are a lot more obstacles as you get into adulthood, but not impossible!

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