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  1. So i tested and started a new game with vivid fallout AIO, 60fps, calamity interiors, WET and a few others and the game is butter smooth. It is Pine forest which is tanking frames

  2. It’s the mist add on struggling with all them trees. I ran it for a few months. It tanks frames. It’s a bit aggressive with the application of said mist. I miss the look, but I like being able to move. I’m on the Xbox one S. I’m not sure how it would handle on a series console, though.

  3. Will try and disabling it. Do you think Load order can make a difference in frame rates?

  4. The British Raj ended years before even my 70 something parents were born.

  5. Yes absolutely love outsiders telling me about my own country and its politics. Do i feel that everything is great in India, not by a longshot. But we don't go preaching to the world

  6. ‘But we dont go preaching to the world’

  7. By executing an Instrument of Accession under the provisions of the Indian Independence Act 1947, Maharaja Hari Singh agreed to accede his state to the Dominion of India. On 27 October 1947, the then Governor-General of India, Lord Mountbatten accepted the accession

  8. Get rid of Sancho and Van Der Beek for starters. They just don't cut it in the Premier League. Martial can follow them out. Maybe give Antony another season to see if he can grow more brain cells than feet, and if not then bin him off too. Sure he has (a particular set of) skills, but he doesn't have the nous.

  9. Don't we have the highest goals by substitutes this season?

  10. To the moaners in this sub, this United team had gone through 120 minutes of playing 3 days ago and still managed to get a decent draw against 5th placed team with 2 games on hand remaining.

  11. Completely agree. Sure it's disappointing to throw away a 2 goal lead but you could see the legs of all players complaining in the 2nd half. Also look what 120 min + penalties on Sunday did to Brighton. I think we've managed relatively better

  12. Scared of what Brighton will do to us if we play like this

  13. I play a 65 Twin Reverb Re-Issue (if that wasn't obvious...).

  14. Thanks for some solid tips. Yeah it's quite tough to get the right drive tone. My favourite is the Kinky boost plus Screamer as of now or the Mintoaur if I want the punchy Strat neck tone. I also feel that adding a Flanger with low Mix and Feedback really sparkles up the tone. I am a big Classic Rock fan and am chasing those sounds

  15. If you’re going into the front of an amp, you don’t want to be using any of the cab sims/IRs and probably don’t want to be using the amp sims either - that’d be like micing up an amp and then running that signal into another amp. Treat Helix like a pedal board and stick to the same types of fx you’d get physical pedals for.

  16. Thanks for the advice. I dont use amp or cab sims when using helix directly in front of amp. I also don't use delay or reverb since I can't put it after the amp in the chain. But i still don't get a very crisp cutting through tone particularly on the bridge pickup. Besides the Screamer almost all distortion tones sound very saturated, especially on my ESP LTD Deluxe

  17. After we scored the 4th goal ETH was caught on camera gesturing 3 to his players. I wonder if he was saying that you need to score 3 more to redeem yourselves

  18. True our conversion should've been better

  19. It is a bug end .... And start a new one

  20. Maybe it has too much fiber in its diet :)

  21. I think that could just mean the boss fight has lots of particle effects or something else that would put more stress on the console, but I definitely wouldn't rule out a game issue. I'm on ps5, so I can only help so much.

  22. But definitely try re-specing your skill and hero points and see what works. Sometimes that can help as well. Good luck Fatemaker.

  23. So I did respec a lot of times and I feel that spellblade + executioner's blade + taser on queen's cry or fearnot of champions with flying guns, is the best gun damage by far. Speccing heavily into Spellshot doesn't give good gun damage at all ( i don't have the zap buffmeister). The only way I can get good damage out of Spellshot is by using the laserhand spell

  24. Yeah for sure! I’ll work on getting screenshots of my gear and stuff.

  25. I will be if you're still looking in about 4 hours

  26. Hey. 4 hours will be 2.30am my side of the world. Let's try tomorrow

  27. I have a boatload of buffmeisters and I have put hardly any crystals into the spell bunnies. I've gotten them all from world drops.

  28. Damn. I have farmed Lechance, Kastor, Zomboss and am still not getting it. I have multiple dedicated loot drops from these bosses

  29. Same. And I'm invading at level 20, so if I run into those, it's likely the phantoms are overleveled, so it feels extra good to kill them and bag.

  30. Nice. I just killed full gank squad using Rivers. So satisfying

  31. I fought one and baited his L2 so much that he started using Starlight Shards to restore his FP. He later split from the group to kill mobs ahead so I would get any help, but I managed to 1v1 him and the other 2 were easy kills afterwards.

  32. Lmao. That's the thing. These guys just use L2. That's it. They forget that other attacks also exist

  33. Imo it's dead , They get Some dhwani singer at HARD ROCK CAFE!

  34. Oh no. I guess rock as a genre is dying per se

  35. Made a meet-up plan for musicians. Under the latest post on the sub. @OP

  36. That's great. Do share some jam video/audio snippets

  37. Happens to me on Xbox at 11.39 pm IST. Everyday! First I'll get the code weasel and then canary

  38. It could be an Xbox thing. ISP works fine on phone at the time of these disconnections. However Xbox shows not connected to internet for about 30 seconds. Its a wired connection too

  39. Once I believe. You can test your stats in inventory screen to see if the buff stacks or not

  40. Look around in the bushes near buildings. They like to hide when sick. You have to physically find them. Good luck.

  41. Thank you. Yes will look around as much as I can

  42. You guys gonna be on later? My group is looking for new raiders to pick up.

  43. Ah sorry mate. We had logged off by then

  44. Ah sorry mate. We had logged off by then

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