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  1. Last chance to get in on that phyrexian oil at GB prices.

  2. All will be one has a subtle grey gradient emblazoned with the perfect Phyrexian script in red and latin legends in dark grey. Join us and bask in the glory of the ONE.

  3. 2 days on this sub...2 days! And you're already making me regret it by spending money. I just came here hoping to find some recommendations to replace my current keyboard and now I'm ordering keycaps and looking to buy or build around these keys.

  4. Unfortunately no. Our license limits us to North America.

  5. I'm glad you like my Terror Below design. The extras of the real thing should be available soon. I hope you will support me and my vendors when it comes available.

  6. What KB is that. Not a Magic fan but been looking for a 96% or 1800 whatever you call it witha 2u 0 key

  7. It is an homage to the card my brother destroyed for playing with his legos when we were kids.

  8. That's a genuine picture of an alpha time walk... That I rendered.

  9. Pretty sure this isn’t AI and is just a 3D render

  10. you are correct this image has been around a long time before ai images were a thing

  11. These are incredible, and the mana kits look so cool. I would be all over this were it not for the latin lettering on the alphas. It's hard to find symbol-only sets.

  12. I Wanted to show off the novelties I worked on for this set. I had a lot of fun reworking the card images to a more geometric interpretation.

  13. Sorry about that , but we are geolocked to North America by our license.

  14. Join in glory of compleation and beautify your keyboard with All Will Be One. This keycap set celebrates the Phyrexian invasion. I for one welcome our Phyrexian overlords.

  15. I think it is important to know that all of the Lore of the Mythos is from unreliable sources.

  16. I think it's not about what Lovecraft wrote, but the idea of the unknowable. Lovecraft wrote about the unknowable and deliberately did not expand on things beyond the basic interpretation.

  17. Is there a way to have this in europe ?

  18. We are region locked by our license. If you have a friend in the US they could buy it and forward it to you.

  19. “More of that strange Krytox… It’s probably nothing.”

  20. I love the theme but what is the base board?? I love the keys on the side

  21. Yes, we had everything reviewed and approved by WotC. Let me tell you, working with an alien language is not an easy thing.

  22. This tape... What is it that makes it super pls? Thx.

  23. What's the propellant? The "pressure" from the Hand Sanitizer canister? And for the soap is it CO2/propane squirted in? I'm confused.

  24. Dude, my set is coming today :D it looks so good on your board! Thank you for sharing :D

  25. So I apologize if you took that the wrong way, that was a joke at WOTC’s expense, not at the keycaps themselves !!! (the price and number of key caps were a reference to the mtg 30th anniversary packs) I apologize if this was misinterpreted . I’ll delete the original post so it’s not further misunderstood .

  26. The key caps pay homage to older sets of MTG but the desk mats are from recent sets?

  27. We do have some limitations to the artwork we have access to.

  28. Hot Damn that photo is nice. I cannot wait to have a copy of this set!

  29. You should have seen the way I abused my cards back in the day 😂

  30. Really good taste and very talented cause I know good renders are not easy to do but yours is great

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