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  1. "Nice post you got there. Pity if something happened to it. On an unrelated topic, where's my nuts?"

  2. A couple of years ago it got way better by a population reduction of 3.

  3. homegirl take a pregnancy test. reddit isnt a stick you can piss on

  4. A lot of my posts/comments have been pissed on.😁

  5. I would bet they're putting out different days to different people in hopes of flushing out Trump's internal mole. Way easier getting him on interfering with an investigation imo.

  6. Yeah. Last page of Amazing Spider-Man #124 from 1973.

  7. Forward vs backwards...this isn't difficult unless the future scares you.

  8. And around and around they go, when they die no one knows.

  9. Throw in Bush, Cheney and Powell for good measure.

  10. I heard about Rumsfeld, I didn't know Powell went to the warm place too.

  11. Pay attention in science class or you turn into an incomprehensible idiot when you grow up.

  12. I use polypropylene (PP) kinda expensive but it seems to get the job done. Use clear packing tape on your bed.

  13. Cool, thanks. What kinds are things were you printing with PP that require these non-leaching properties?

  14. And Idaho takes the lead within the red states to the bottom.

  15. What's the over/under on Mississippi coming from behind? This could be a good trifecta.

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